Hello guys. As everyone, sometimes we have a hard time to make a fair self analysis, despite our knowledge about training, diet and supplements.
In the last 1 year and a half, I gained around 7lbs, while maintaining similar body fat percentage.
I started to train differently, lower reps and higher resting periods and starting to do Deadlifts again ( I didn’t for years because I had back surgery with scoliosis and had some problems doing DL).
All in all, I think the progress has been solid but I am a little concerned about where to go next.
My gym has a body fat percentage scale (quite expensive), not 100% accurate as we know. However, is the only non bias metric I have to judge my own body fat, since in the mirror I still have abs when I wake up or when I flex (4 pack).
The scale says around 14-15%, but I’m concerned if after gaining some good muscle the last year or so, if I should lean to around 9% and then try to gain some muscle again.
I might post some photos if that helps you guys to give a fairer assessment and advice.

Best regards
fat and muscle are separate

everyone thinks if you lose fat you will also lose muscle in the process. i used to believe that too when i was in my 20's. but it isn't true at all and skinnier guys will claim that as a cop out as to why they can't gain muscle. (skinny guy with abs theory)

muscle tissue does not shrink up unless you stop your resistance and weight training, it has NOTHING to do with fat or weight loss.. the science doesn't lie
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