Advice for next cycle ( from Dubai )


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Hi Dylan,

I'm really happy tonight to see your channel up again on youtube. I've been watching you since i started my first cycle a few years ago and then suddenly your channel was not there anymore and you were requesting us ( your fans ) to get the channel back and i tried all possible ways to contact youtube as mentioned in your video description at that time.
This is my first email to you paying regards for all the hard work you are putting in to educate others.
Well coming to the point. Im 30 years of age now and based in Dubai, currently im putting on 80kgs with 17% of body fat. My bicep size is 16,5 ( just for an idea ). I want to lose fat but keeping up the same size.
Last cycle ( 6 months ago ) was Testosterone ( enanthate,and primobolan .
I never really used tren properly ( 2 shots of acetate ) during this cycle.
Yeah i gained muscles burned some fat but results were not desirable. Im attaching my year old and current photo with the email so you can have an idea and guide me through my next cycle
I can lift really heavy weights ( 140kg ) squats max 100 kg bench max, and my workout routine is organized, meals are proper.
The problem is that when i start dieting i lose legs very very quickly and i started looking small. I wanna stay big and crisp ( not bulky at all )

Thank you very much for your time
Keep up the good work


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your body fat is too high to use any sort of steroid... you need to get in far better condition before you even consider it... i cannot advise any sort of steroid use in your current condition