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6th cycle


Getting ready to start cycle 6. 14 weeks.

33 5-10 175 8% (just did caliper test)
Going with Sus at 500 a week
Tren 200 a week
Tbol 50mg wk 1-4
Masteron 400 a week
GW 20mg a day, full 14 weeks and into pct.
Hcg last 4 weeks 1,000
Aro starting at 12.5 eod should work.
caber .5 2x a week
Masteron is only compound I have not used. PCT i already have down thanks to the million posts about it lol.
Blood work at week 7.

Diet is 3700 calories. Super clean. I only eat fish and eggs for animal products. Lots of fruits and veggies. Sweet Potatoes, Avacodos, Broccoli ect ect. Enjoying this diet so far. Feel good and its nice easy prep. No fried shit. Though Friday night is pizza night and even that is healthier, chicken, spinach, tomato, olive, mushroom, light cheese.
Doing a 35% f, 35% carb, 30% p macro. Ive found higher fats work for me to grow.
Im looking to get a solid 7 lean pounds this go around. Staying away from dbol, adrol, and deca because of sides. I was not a fan of any of those prior.

Anything Im missing, or any advice guys?
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Looks good to me. I would raise my tren but that's preference.

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everything looks great to me... just a few doses i would change... i would also raise tren up to about 300... that is plenty and i would also raise masteron to at least 600... otherwise, i love the cycle etc... it looks great and well planned


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Is tgis your first time with tren? If so I don't see a problem with 20o. Tren a little goes a long way. 300 is a little better but it's good to see how it treats you and how you respond before increasing. I can't even handle 200 anymore. Too many sides for me