1. L

    Pulsing Orals - 2 Weeks On, 2 Weeks Off (Good Idea or Bad Idea?)

    I always get very lethargic on orals if I run them longer than four weeks. My favorites are TBol, Anavar, Winstrol, and Superdrol. I always run them daily with Test C at 200-250mg a week. I understand that TBol, Anavar, and Winstrol can be run every day for 4-6 weeks, while Superdrol is best at...
  2. L

    How Much - Low Dose Tren

    Hi Dylan, I’ve come to the conclusion that while I’m on TRT… I stay around 150mg of Test C, and I feel good. When I blast and take any oral, I up it to 250mg Test C, and then keep my oral low: - Anavar: 20mg a day for 40 days (by itself, not stacked with anything else besides 250mg Test) -...
  3. Cocopiny

    Tired on orals

    Hey guys, need some advice, I?m running: Tbol: 50mg/d Testosterone enth: 750mg/wk Tren enth: 250mg/W Firstly, I want to hear some cycle scrutiny, or is it decent (I?m an advanced user and have done over 7 cycles before, this is my first time using tren and I have never gone above 500mg test...
  4. C

    Test, Deca, and EQ Cycle Feedback

    6 ft 3 in 222 lbs 12% BF 35 years old 4 previous cycles This cycle: Test Cyp, 400 mg/wk (wk1-16) EQ, 600 mg/wk (wk1-16) Deca, 500 mg/wk (wk1-14) Tbol, 50mg/day (wk1-6) Cabergolin, .25 mg/e3d (wk1-16) Aromasin , 12.5 mg/eod (wk1-16) PCT: Return to TRT...
  5. R

    Injectable Tbol

    So I'm not sure if any labs make make such a thing, but I thought I'd ask. I have looked around and found some threads that people spoke of making it themselves from the tablet form. Not something I am interested in. I would, however, like to buy some that is already in the vial. Thanks!
  6. L

    Second Deca Cycle

    1-4: Tbol 60 mg ED 1-15: Deca 350mg Week (5250) 1-16: Test 450 mg Week 2-16: caber .5mg EOD 13-16: HCG: 1000iu /week PCT: Clomid 100,100, 50, 50 Nolva 40/20/20/20 Aromasin 12.5mg EOD 1 week of Caber @.5mg EOD Stats: 5'11 210lbs, ~9% bf, I've been off for ~6 months, looking to put on quality...
  7. C

    Second cycle advice TEST, EQ AND TBOL

    Hello everyone! I am planning to start my second steroid cycle this March, figured out to come here looking for some advice. Here are some stats about me first : Age 20 Height 6ft1 (185 cm) Weight 205 Body fat % 11,5% Years of training 3 Started at 17 with 130 pounds, pure ectomorph. After two...
  8. M

    Test Deca Tbol cycle???

    im looking at doing my first bulk cycle and have questions and concerns. stats: 30 5'8 150lbs 10-12% bf I've ran a test and eq cycle in the past. I had trouble packing on weight with this cycle but noticed a huge improvement in my physic which I was happy with, but im looking to pack on some...
  9. T

    12 week cycle Test stacked with tbol

    Hey guys , new to isarms , been researching to do a 12 weeks cycle of test and 4-6 weeks of tbol - running 1 -12 weeks of 500mg of test a week and 6 weeks of tbol at 60 mgs and pct is nolvadex 20mg for 2 weeks and clomid 50mg for 2 weeks ? Any helps or suggestions would be helpful this is my...
  10. S

    Test EQ Recomp Cycle

    Hi Guys, I am starting a new recomp cycle after New Years. I have all the compounds, PCT, and AI on hand. Stats: 23 years old 192 pounds Body fat: 13% 6'1 I want to get get down to 8% or so body fat. Gain a lean 10-15 pounds of muscle. I play soccer so I must be lean. Semi pro season starts...
  11. biggamike

    Pharmacom Tbol and Proviron?

    Would anyone that has used Pharmacon's Tbol and Proviron be willing to give me your review on them? I'm pretty much convinced that I'm rolling with them for those orals based on everything I've seen here and Darius coming across as super cool and professional. Thanks in Advance Bros!
  12. B

    Starting tren e and test e cycle with tbol

    Hey guys, I've cycled a few times and about to start another Tren E and Test E cycle. Running 300mg of each, but I have some Tbol, 100 20mg pills. Should I, and if so, when should I add it?
  13. T

    Out of town for my shot

    Hello Everybody, So i have a little problem here, i'm on a TNT (Tren E + Test E) Cycle, 1CC every 4 days, and 50mg TBOL everyday. My problem here is that my last shot was due on Monday, but i have been out of town since Sunday and my next shot is due Friday i'm back on Thursday, so i am way...
  14. T

    NewPort TNT 400

    Hello Everbody, I'm currently on a TNT 400(150 Tren E, 250 Test E) + Tbol Cycle, i'm almost done my first Vile of TNT, i split the TNT injection to twice a week, and 50mg/day Tbol dosage. I Started this Cycle on May 9. What i'm wondering is how long does it usually take for TNT 400 to kick in...
  15. D

    Chlldhood Gyno. first cycle - Test E, T-bol, Mk-677, Cardarine, Clomid, Nolva, Adex

    25 years old. 5'11" 180 lb. BF% fluctuates between 17 and 20%. Im in no rush to cycle, I can get it down in a month. All my hormone levels are in check except my DHEA which has always been naturally high. I got my bloodwork done recently in January and everything has come back fine. I want...
  16. TotalPackage

    LGD or Tbol?

    Hey guys........just a quick question for opinion. Consider you are already running Test either at TRT dose or cycle, and if you wanted to add just LGD or just Tbol which would you add? The reason I'm asking I've ran both together (LGD and Tbol) and I've ran them both separate. As far as...
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