Test EQ Recomp Cycle


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Hi Guys,

I am starting a new recomp cycle after New Years. I have all the compounds, PCT, and AI on hand.

23 years old
192 pounds
Body fat: 13%

I want to get get down to 8% or so body fat. Gain a lean 10-15 pounds of muscle. I play soccer so I must be lean. Semi pro season starts in May.

Cycle I'm thinking:
Will be pinning 2x a week
Monday and Thursday
Test E 250mg
Equipose 300mg
Anadrol 30 days to kick start cycle
Tbol to finish off cycle last 30 days
Will run for 16weeks, possibly more
Anadrol to kick start cycle
Tbol to finish it

Have Clomid and Nolvadex for PCT.
Also have arimedex, Letrozile, and caber on hand if any issues arise.

My cycle history includes:
10 week test E and Anavar cycle
Sarms bridge cycle.
MENT only for 5 weeks

I'll try to post updates when I can on here. Will post pictures soon. Any comments are welcome!