1. AsapSlim

    Hcg or Hcgenerate? Will they have similiar results

    Hello, im thinking about doing a 12 week cycle of test E in the october @ 250mg a week. I was told that most people use hcg at 500iu week 8 but i was wondering if i would be able to use hcgenerate 5ed 1-12 because this is my first pin and im already nervous enough with just test? Or can i just...
  2. L

    does anyone know where to get legit hcg

    I've been on pct 2 times now without hcg and it isnt doing anything for me. does anyone know of any legit sources so i can gey my ball back
  3. D

    Post Cycle Therapy Help

    Hi, needing help with my next cycle. Ive took two cycle previous used, never took HCG, i feel as if I need HCG on my next cycle. This cycle will include: 400mg of Test E a week for 12 weeks 400mg of Eq a week for 12 Weeks Turinabol 25mg a day for 6 weeks Aromasin 0.5mg each day for duration of...
  4. F

    First steroid cycle help!? PCT? Confused. hcg?

    Little info about me: Hey lads! im a 21 year old male athlethe. iv'e been training seriously for about 5years now. i've been bulking\cutting, trying different macros\diets\training methods ect, and i figured out what works best for my body. currently im doing flexible dieting\intermittent...
  5. S

    Women: HCG (without the HCG diet) and first cycle ever

    Hello Everyone! So I'm thinking about starting with HCG only and than jumping on Sarms or Winny to bulk. (Note, I'm not referring about HCG & it's famous 500 calories diet, which I think it's too drastic for my appetite.) And then my first cycle which I'm not sure which to get, Sarms or Winny...
  6. K

    PCT Question

    First off , thank you for this forum! I am 39 yr male. 195lbs. I am on Test Enanthate 350mg / week ( 175mg Mon, 175mg Fri ) and Tren 300mg / week ( it is a mix of 150mg Tren-E and 150mg Tren-Ace that I take with test. I take 150mg Mon, and 150mg on Friday ). I have been on for a little...
  7. K

    Am I on the right track with my PCT... Please HELP!

    Hey guys, After a 12 week cycle of Primoteston Depot (Test Enanthate) I have started my PCT. One week after my last injection I started a 'blast phase' of HCG - 500 IU's a day for the past 10 days (nearly two weeks). As soon as I finish the HCG (3 more shots) I am planning to start my 4 week...
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