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    Minimum SARM doses for a recomp

    Yo, So I've been running GW 20mg, Ostarine 25mg, and LGD 10mg for my Recomp, but because of side effects I can't afford to run the full doses anymore. With diet in check, can I still Recomp effectively If I am only using 20mg GW, 10-15mg Osta, and 5mg LGD? Or are these numbers too low to be...
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    Timing for show

    So i am competing april 8th. Been on sarms x products only. LGD since november 16 which I am stopping at 12 weeks in couple days. I started S4 4 weeks into my LGD cycle. Was told I can stop LGD and do s4 the full 12 weeks and go the extra 4 weeks after I stopped LGD then follow normal mini PCT...
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    Dosage first cycle

    Hi Everyone, I've been reading the forums quite a bit in order to prep everything I need for my first cycle. I've also spent the last few months doing research. Can someone please advise on the test dosage. Stats: - 36 yrs - 162lbs - 5'6 - 17% body fat - Testosterone Level (from blood work)...
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    First cycle questions

    33 years old, 5'2", 135lb 10-12% body fat. I'm pretty lean and I've been at the gym thing for a few years. Ingredient list. Test cypionate: 2 bottles,10ml bottles 250mg/ml per bottle. Dutasteride 30ml- I have male pattern baldness ( but I'm not bald I'm just thinning a little) I don't want...
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