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33 years old, 5'2", 135lb 10-12% body fat. I'm pretty lean and I've been at the gym thing for a few years.

Ingredient list.
Test cypionate: 2 bottles,10ml bottles 250mg/ml per bottle.
Dutasteride 30ml- I have male pattern baldness ( but I'm not bald I'm just thinning a little) I don't want acne or to lose my hair. I was told not to use it unless I show signs. But I really don't want to get to the point where im showing signs. Is there a safe dosage or should I take it late in cycle as a precautionary measure even if I'm not showing signs? If it is for emergencies what dosages should I use when my hair starts falling out or I get back acne?
I got these Arimidex and letrozole mix pills but I also
ordered 30ml of Arimidex only.
Pct: Clomid 30ml, nolvadex 30ml, aromasin 30ml.
I'm still trying to get the SARMS that are recommended to MK GW for cortisol and strength. ( can someone link me to a page so I can buy the SARMS)

The questions are.
1. I was told to do the pyramid effect with the test.
.5ml twice a week for two weeks, 1ml twice a week for the next 8 weeks, then .5ml twice a week for the last two weeks. 20ml test cyp total (12 week cycle) What's your thoughts on that?
2. When should I start administering Arimidex? With my first injection of test? How about the dosage? Maybe wait for a few weeks?
3. I also have Arimidex mixed with letrozole. (Little green pill). Are there any use for these is within my cycle and/or PCT? emergencies maybe, if my nipples get itchy lmao?
Or maybe it's the Arimidex isn't working?
4. I'm going to get the two sarms recommended. The MK 2866 and GW 501516. Dosage please?
5. Dosages for Clomid nolvadex and aromasin and when should I start my PCT? With the last injection, after last injection, weeks later, when?
6. Should I double muscle groups everyday and hit everything twice a week? Or should I focus on one muscle group each day?
Oh and possible diet recommendations. I'm pretty much on a lean diet of chicken and brown rice and some veggies. Should I increase my protein or carbs?

Other than that I think I have no more questions. But if you have any advice please feel free to tell me.
1. Bro-science. Pick one dose and roll with it.
2. Day 1, don't wait until your car is out of gas to fill up the tank.
3. Letro is a last resort. Use the arimidex.

6. There's NO COOKIE CUTTER ANSWER for diet and training. It depends on the guy & the goals. You need to determine what works FOR YOU.
First step towards a successful cycle would've been to post this in the steroids and SARMs information page versus the Source page... I dunno, maybe it's me. Maybe this thing would have 15 responses IF it were posted where we answer this type of stuff... just thinking out loud. By the way, EZ_E is absolutely right.
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