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    STEROIDS CYCLES available now on OSGear!

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  3. Z

    Any good?

    Week 1 to 5: Sustanon 300 1ml E3d , GHRP-2 600mcg ED , Aromex (25mg) 1 tabs EOD Week 6 to 10 :Sustanon 300 1ml E3d , GHRP-2 600mcg ED, Winstrol 50mg ED, Samarin 140 3tabs ED, Aromex (25mg) 1 tabs EOD Week 11 GHRP-2 600mcg ED Week 12 GHRP-2 600mcg ED, Nolvadex (20 mg) 1 tabs ED, Clomid (50...
  4. Z

    My first cycle

    Hi, I would like to know if this first cycle is OK or not ? Week1-Week16 Test Cyp (500mg/week) Ghrp-2 with ghrh w/o dac (300mg/day) arimidex 0.25 eod (from week3) Week18-Week22 nolvadex 40/40/20/20/10 clomid 100/100/50/50/25 My stat are : age : 28 height: 5'5 weight : 165 lbs bf : 15% Thanks
  5. S

    Robolics primobolan

    Hi guys I am knew here read a lot of great things about robo wondering if any of you guys had experience with his primo? How is it? The reason I'm asking is I am planing my first pre Comp cycle and read great things about primo. I would like your help to create a good first pre comp cycle. I...
  6. M

    Short higher dosage cycles vs lower dose long cycles

    What you guys think is more easy to recover faster and keep most of your gains?
  7. M

    how much fat when on cycle

    hey everyone...I was just curious how much fat do u guys think is enough when on cylce? cause almost everyone prefer low fat and very high carb when on cycle
  8. AsapSlim

    Looking to lose body fat without losing muscle and possibly gaining mass.

    My current weight: 195 Height: 5'9 age: 33 Bf% 23 I was looking to run a solo ostarine cycle but I'm not sure if I should add s4 or something else. I just want to look ripped while still maintaining/gaining mass. Any suggestions
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