cutting stack

  1. JohnnyBukkake69

    Possible 3rd Cycle...

    Hello Everyone! Probably should have posted on here for my first cycle but better late than never! I am looking at shredding down. Currently 170lbs and 20% Bodyfat. I am a fitness coach of 5 years and pursuing my master's in Strength and Conditioning so I feel like I have the "basics" down as...
  2. Cocopiny

    Cutting cycle advice for classic physique bodybuilder

    Hey All Hopefully I’m not breaking rules by asking for stack advice? Currently this is me- 97kg naked 18.3’ arms off pump 16-18% bodyfat Most recent two cycles- Cut cycle- Masteron,400- 600mg/wk wk1-12 Test sustnanon 250- 500mg-750mg wk1-12 Winstrol- 20-40mg wk6-12 Anavar- 20-40mg wk1-12...
  3. K

    Sarms1 Cutting Stack

    Hi guys, I have just purchased the Sarms1 cutting stack. Can anyone help with the dosage protocol and whether I will need a PCT. It is a cardarine and andarine stack. A real newbie so any advise will be greatly appreciated
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