andarine s4

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    First SARM Advice

    Hey All, Looking to run my first SARM, and specifically looking at S4. Current State: Age: 26 Height: 6'2" Weight: 213.2 lbs BF%: 15.4% Background: Have been lifting for 11 years and have my routine and recently my diet in check. I've taken all the basics in the past (pre workout, creatine...
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    Sarms recomp diet macros

    I eat about 4700kcal each day . What macros ' distribution would you suggest ? The biggest problem is that if I would use for example 30% of protein I would eat 353g of protein that are really too too much so what do ? I'm using 100mg ed of andarine,10mg of lgd 30mg of rad and 20mg of gw.