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Thread: Testosterone Suspension

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    Testosterone Suspension

    . I could really use your knowledge and I'm very curious about test suspension. I'm currently on 100 mg of cypionate a week for replacement therapy and would love to you suspension for a boost pre-workout. Have you used it? Can you use it subcutaneously? I've heard the injection pain is above the norm. Any info would be great, I appreciate your time.

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    yes i have used it... i dont see any need to use it whatsoever... the PIP sucks and you cant use it too often and its nothing special on top of that... i would skip that idea if i were you

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    Agree 100%. I only have 2 uses for suspension. #1 is if I took too much letro and crash my e too hard I will take 50mg suspension to wake the fuck up and #2 is if I know I'm gonna have a wild night with my lady and I'm not really in the mood. 50mg suspension and all I can think about is gettin to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwannagofaster View Post
    50mg suspension and all I can think about is gettin to it.
    Test Suspension, Cialis, Caber stack

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    proviron also and some hgh/mk 677

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    That's the cocktail. Cialis, suspension, caber, proviron.......oh my

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    I really dont see the need to use test suspension at all. It's not all its cracked up to ne

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