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Thread: Primo - optimum serum levels

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    Primo - optimum serum levels

    Hey Everyone,

    Quick question, does anyone know how long it takes to start feeling Primo kick in, and ultimately reach optimum serum levels in your blood?

    I know its not tren or anything... I'm not even remotely going for that result.

    I've been cutting; being very restrictive and results are showing, and when I'm ready... I just want to assist the muscle sustainability as I continue to cut. So I don't loose strength and I don't fatigue as I run and lift.



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    Primo injectable is generally enanthate so 4-6 weeks.
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    you wont notice much for at least 4 weeks

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    Thanks DG/cbram... just wanted to understand what to expect.

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    no problem

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    Yeah I'd say about a month with that ester. That's really what determines it

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