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Thread: Nolvadex says it contains clomid?

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    Nolvadex says it contains clomid?

    first off donít back me for getting these 50mg caps because the asshole said they were 20. I decided whatever iíll take them anyways just dose differently.

    today I was looking at the package and realized right under where it says nolvadex 50mg it says ďeach capsule contains 50 mg clomidĒ what the fuck do I have? everything iíve gotten from black widow labs seems sketchy. I got this from my old supplier and am no longer using.

    attaching picture so hopefully you guys can see

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    no clue what you have.. i wouldnt touch that shit

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    bro what the fuck 🤦🏻*♂️

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddtism View Post
    bro what the fuck *
    No clue man

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    Black Widow is a UGL. This isnt source talk but could be a mistake on their end like a typo. Reach out to them, maybe they will replace. I wouldnt take it though

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    think iíll just throw it away, iíve had problems with under dosed gear in the past and at this point I have my doubts that itís either compound.

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