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Thread: Mike Israetel video stating that SARMs are just anabolic steroids

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    Mike Israetel video stating that SARMs are just anabolic steroids

    After 3 weeks on GW20mg/d+MK20mg/d I am really impressed with the results, being up 3kg lean mass (70 up to 73kg with 11%BF staying lean). Endurance was up immediately, strength and size after 2 weeks. It's the first thing I ever used that actually works noticeable (in contrast to the other 'usual' stuff like creatine, etc).

    A few days ago I came across the following youtube movie of the channel 'revive stronger' interviewing Mike Israetel (a sports nutrition professor and bodybuilder) stating that for the moment SARMs are just not available ; that it is only anabolic steroids in 'those pills'.
    He starts talking about SARMs on minute 52:00 in the following video.
    2 questions for you:
    1. what is your opinion on this statement? Should we be worried? How can we know the truth?
    2. If you have seen Mike Israetel in other videos and pictures he looks really impressive and huge. Do you think he attained that size naturally? Or is he taking anabolic steroids (or SARMs for that matter) himself? (hence, is he full of shit?)

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    Most companies are selling pro hormones under the label of sarms..that's why it's imperative u have a trusted source

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    I have watched many of Mikes videos and find him very knowledgeable. In one video, someone hinted towards his use of steroids and he neither confirmed nor denied. These weren't his exact words, but something to this effect..even if i did steroids, i am a doctor, why would i admit to doing something illegal.

    As far as the sarms, i get my stuff from Sarmsx and have run blood work during. Nothing to indicate they are steroids and nor experienced any symptoms or sides similar to steroids or at all for that matter.

    Glad to hear you are responding well to the sarms. I dont seem to be very responsive to much of anything other than the orals/test i have done. Ran S4 alongside my cycle a year ago and got good results. Ran Mk2866 for 3 months, got good healing benefits, but no change in physique or weight at all. Nutrition and workout is all on point and dialed in. Running S4 and LGD now alongside my TRT, 5 weeks in and nothing. Not saying its the sarms at all as there are lots of people on here that get great results, however i dont seem to respond...minimal at best.

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    thx for your reply, appreciate it.
    Any link to the video you're talking about?

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    I have watched so many of his videos, i dont remember which one it was. I will see if i can find it.

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    What he said is actually right. That's why we steer people away from those questionable companies and capsulated sarms. They are generally filled with toxic prohormones because the raws are so cheap compared to sarms, so they give you something that gives results so they can get by with it....never mind the fact that they are just bad news, toxic and loaded with sides.

    That's why we only recommend going with a trusted source for sarms with Sarmsx

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    ive been saying this now for several years... the issue is people that make these comments say these are sarms but they have no fucking clue what they are talking about... sarms were never legal to sell as capsules which is coming to fruition and more and more are pulled off shelves and from online... if you look at several ingredient make ups, you see them also containing things like arimistane or androsta so i ask myself and everyone else, WHY would an ai be involved in a compound that DOES NOT convert to estrogen? WHY is it necessary to dillute a sarm with OTHER additives aside from an ai? why do people have side effects that DO NOT occur with real sarms? if i have to expound further without the answer being obvious then there are much more things to be concerned about than this... the writing is clearly on the wall so ONE MORE TIME... several years ago, when the pro hormone ban came down, MANY MANY companies had hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in pro hormone raws that were now worthless... they COULD NOT take this kind of loss... what would they do?? so, they came up with a way to sell this raws and disguise them as other compounds, which entered sarms in capsule form... yet they are NOT sarms... they are prohormones... real sarms ARE NOT steroids in ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM...

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