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Thread: Low Test Levels After 8 Week Blast

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    Low Test Levels After 8 Week Blast

    So I did an 8 week blast with test p, npp and anavar. I am on TRT (been on for 3 years now) so I just went back to my prescribed dosage which I also maintained throughout the blast. So it looked like this:

    Test C 180mg ew
    Test P 100mg eod 1-8
    NPP 100mg eod 1-8
    Anavar 50mg ed 1-6

    Prior to hopping on this blast my total test level was 1138 and now they are 468 just 5 weeks after stopping the blast. I don't understand why it would be lower now. Any ideas? My doctor asked me today if I missed a shot or something. I was actually surprised to hear how low the number was. All my other bloodwork was normal.

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    no clue... unless you didnt fast and took your test later in the day

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    That a pretty big drop are injecting one a week?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RUCingdsgainz View Post
    That a pretty big drop are injecting one a week?
    Twice a week. Tuesday am and Friday pm.

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    That is odd since your TRT is prescribed. So you know the gear is legit and dosed properly. I would go for another test. Things should be levelled out by now.
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    Test again and reverify.

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