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Thread: lgd winstrol

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    lgd winstrol

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    I wouldn't just add it in at this point. Save it and run a proper cycle with it. Another option for hardness would be to stick with SARMs and add S4 to the mix.

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    you should not add it at all... you should not be using an oral steroid without test and you dont want to just throw it in at this point

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    no, dont add it what so ever, stick with LGD for this cycle. plan it for a future cycle with test and other SARMS with proper research and ancillaries on hand before the cycle.

    research research research

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    Honestly you would be better off running LGD with YK11 or S23.

    As the guys have said just wait I wouldnt toss wintrol in at the end id rather see you run the LGD for 12 weeks then PCT.

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    Sometimes less is more, and more could just do more harm than good on the body. Marathon not a sprint, that's how I go about it anyway.

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    Don't add it

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