Off topic but need some help over here...

Ill try to make this as short and precise as possible...

Been dating my girlfriend for a year and a half now. She has tons of family issues (literally talks shit about her mom to her sis and dad). So everything was cool last week, her mom has always been a psycho and lunatic but she is divorced and just got broken up with by the guy she was seeing. She dug herself a hole lastweek and made herself look pretty bad. My parents dont like her much and didnt really want her over for thanksgiving but my girlfriend is of course welcomed. My girl talks shit to her sis and dad about how she uninvited her mom to my parents place for thanksgiving and ask what i think, i of course agree and say F that! I dont want her over either, she is full of drama and literally crazy. So come thursday (thanksgiving) we all show up to my parents place along with my sister and her boyfriends parents but my girlfriends mom is technically not "invited"...(her dad lives in TX so thats not in discussion). So the dinner and evening goes amazing and had a blast, my girl seems totally fine, a bit drunk, but happy overall and not thinking about her mom. We get to my place to put up our christmas tree and she ask for my help, i try to help and then she get irritated with me, then ask for help again while im on my phone. I didnt care to help anymore since she shrugged me off rudely the first time, now we get into a HUGE fight, she packs her stuff up and leaves (not the first time). I have not seen her since thanksgiving but we have spoken and we just argue each time because she is so hurt now about her mom not being there and my parents not liking her and for me making my shit comments about her. Another key point...Her moms Birthday was this past Saturday, her mom wont even speak to her or see her now because she wasnt invited over, she spent her bday alone. Initially, my girl made plans for her moms birthday but she blew my girl off for a guy shes been going out with who ended up dumping her lastweek, so now she not only spends thanksgiving alone but also her birthday and now has this huge grudge with her own daughter in which now she is taking it out all on me!! Ive apologized so many times now but this family has so many issues. I mean hell, the dad straps fake piss to his leg for work everyday in case of a drug test, they have too horrible of credit to have their name on anything. Dad lives with his parents and the mom rents out a room. So what the hell do i do? do i just move on? I mean i do love her a ton but this relationship is so much work....needing some help/input here bro's...

Key point:

+ not on tren, so im pretty chill right now
+mom is crazy, nobody wants her over
+ i agreed with my girl and also made comments about her mom
+mom spends thanksgiving alone and bday, girlfriend takes it all out on me
+ GF didnt even want her mom there, but keeps flipping and getting emotional, now its all me and my family
+Do i meet new girls? if so how? where?