I just had my blood work done and everything looks really good, other than phosphate and glucose being about a point out of range on the high side. My test came back 608, which is actually in the average healthy range for my age. My concern, though, is my shbg and free test. @10-50nmol/L mines 44. Not insane, but pretty high up there imo. @46 - 224 pg/mL my free test is 66.3... again, not drastically low but not very good either. I was wondering if there were any non-aas solutions to this in the sarms world. I've heard Boron works, but I'm skeptical a $10 supplement from GNC is going to really affect my hormonal profile in any significant manner. My Dr. Didn't feel it was necessary to test my estrogen, despite my protests, unless my test came back wonky. Although, I don't feel like I'm a high converter, I've never had any estro-related issues before or during puberty or anything like that. I think it's an shbg issue.