Should I continue my current regime?


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To begin I am currently 208 lbs at 6 weeks into my first cycle from a starting weight of 198 lbs.

First time using any kind of stuff like this. Bought Ostarine and MK677 15mg each from SpectreLabs. I take 1 every day. Currently at 6 weeks into my cycle.
Bloods pre - All haematological and biochemical parameters in range. Test 479 ng/dl. After the 6 weeks. All my haematological and biochemical parameters are still almost exactly where they were save for a little dip in HDL.
Test is 100 ng/dl.
I felt on top of the world for the first month, begining of the 5th week felt a little depressed and low mood/libido but that was probably all in my head because now I feel good again at the end of my 6 weeks. Feel great just not as great as I did on the first month. Lifts all went up, put on 10 lbs of good mass, not too much fat just by eyeballing in a mirror.
I have enough of the ostarine and mk to complete a 12 week cycle and I have tamoxifen as well as a good OTC test booster on hand should the need arise.
My question is should I be concerned with the test level and stop now at 6 weeks despite feeling pretty much fine and start my pct? Or should I just stick it out for the 12 weeks.

Of note the 479 ng/dl test was after I already used some OTC test boosters like Tongkat DAA Fadogia etc and I have had previous test readings at around 300ng/dl so I'm just not a very high test guy. Also due to the nature of my job my sleep schedule is in the gutter which could explain the fluctuant test readings and even this very low one 6 weeks into the cycle.
So better to stick it out with the 12 weeks or just stop and pct?
i am not familiar with that source my man. we recommend always using and umbrella
you could have fake sarms sounds like
Its not a legit source at all... ive encountered so many people over the past year that have had issue there... im pretty surprised they are even still in business..

your fh and lsh numbers are what are going to tell more in this particular situation...
I would not continue with Spectre. A friend used them and had a terrible experience. I had advised against them but he was intent and then had bloodwork reflecting what it would look like when using a toxic compound. I would not continue with them
I agree that it sounds like you have something other than SARMs or at minimum they are spiked with prohormones. I would stop the cycle and go with or Umbrella Labs next time.
Only use our forum approved sponsored sources like and umbrella labs!
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