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    Help with ed

    Hi Dylan. Long time fan, great videos, really appreciate all the information you put out. I have a issue I hope you can help with. Iím 35 years old, 200lbs, 6í1, my bf% is about 10%. I attached a picture. Iíve be running gear for over 10 years. In the past two Iíve stayed on 300mg test cyp, split into two injections. And for 12 weeks I would add a compound to it, keeping the test at 300mg, then after a duration just run 300 cyp by it self to give my body a break.EQ at 800mg a week, for 20 weeks, then just coast on 300 test cyp for 12 weeks. Then add tren E at 200mg a week for 12 weeks, then coast. And so on. I never use an ai. I keep 300mg test cyp year round. Never had any gyno issues, no water retention, no negative sides at all. No issues with dht. I ran masteron enth at 400mg with 300mg test for a 10 month straight in 2017. Was my best cycle. All of a sudden half way thru November 2018 I have no libido, canít get hard, not interested in sex. And in the rare occasions I did get hard it was imposing to finish/ cum. So at the end of November I got my blood work. My dr is a family friend and Iím honest with her about what I take. I attached my test results. Iíve been running test cyp at 300mg by itself for about 8 month without any other gear.
    Testosterone 300 to 1080 Iím at 1495.79
    Shbg 11.0 to 80 Iím at 11.1
    Free test 3.2 to 19 Iím at 54.9
    Estradiol 12.6 to 44 Iím at 79.8

    The only issue is my estradiol is very high. I didnít want to use an ai because Iím afraid to crash my estrogen. I did that ones and it was hell. Right after I got my results I added masteron enth at 400 a week, itís been around 5 weeks. I also added DIM at 300mg split three times a day. I know itís just an herb, but was hoping it would help. I feel great, strong, lean, no gyno, no water retention no bad sides at all, but my dick still doesnít work. I was suggest to add aromasin at 25mg twice a week, or lower my test to 240mg a week, or just up my masteron to 600mg a week. But I have no idea what to do and the guys that suggest it have no issues with Ed. The aromasin I have is Pfizer 25mg round balls which are impossible to cut. I tried a knife and pull cutter and they just shatter. Have you ever ran across this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    There is so much wrong with what you did to yourself itís hard to know where to start. Dylan is the scientist here so itís best to have him break it down for you. I would suggest you stop taking any gear at all and do A long PCT that includes natural Test boosters and get bloods 6 weeks after your done with that. If your able to get your natural system back on line either educate yourself on the responsible use of gear or donít use it at all...

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    I hope you recover bro. Good luck to you, I know thatís a problem no one copes well with

    Iíd go see an endo

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    Your free test is pretty low for your total test being at that range. I’ll be fallowing to see what Dylan has to say about this. But looks like you’ve been using way to much for to long man I get a Blast and cruise but even those guys that do that don’t usually cruise that high.

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    why are you running 300 mg of test year round? thats NOT a trt dose and you are just taking years off your life being so careless... you ran tren as well... did you have prolactin tested? what about shbg??

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    There is a lot wrong here but I bet your prolactin levels are out of range. Not running an AI while running test.. then to add Tren to the equation with no Caber or Prami is a recipe for disaster.

    The damage was done long ago. You need full blood work done... and I would see an endo

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    Well you never ran things properly and it snowballed on you. You need to run a proper dose of test. 200mg max. Thats a start. Then you may not even need an ai.

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