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Thread: First time TRT

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    First time TRT

    Age 32
    Not sure
    Was solid for two years, but starting again after taking years off.
    No cycles
    Goal is to lose weight and feel normal again
    Multivitamin, fish oil, creatine.
    Not food allergies, I try to avoid dairy.
    No injuries

    I wanted a knowledgeable person to help me with my labs. I already met with the doctor and he wants me on 100mg twice a week, HCG everyday and arimidex every other day. I keep researching and getting different answers and what to do. My main concern is since I'm paying out of pocket, I will stop therarpy and be screwed the rest of my life. I want a second opinion before I start the therapy, any productive input would be greatly appreciated. Labs attached, thank you.
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    Your serum test is well WNR?!? Why do you think you need TRT??

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    Please define "normal again"? What exactly are you experiencing? Have you considered that it may be just the shit lives we been lumbered with. Work, consume, die!?

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    I have major brain fog, decreased muscle size, lots of weight gain 30+

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thegame2k03 View Post
    I have major brain fog, decreased muscle size, lots of weight gain 30+
    Bro, your hormone levels are fine and with in range. Trt is not going to help you. What is your exercise regiment and what diet are you following? What are your total calories and macros?

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    Mate, if I'm honest I can't see how TRT is going to improve your life! You need to get a solid workout regimen. Get a diet going and stick to it. Get out into nature as much as possible. Have breaks from technology! Disconnect from work etc when home and limit stress as much as possible! Do things you enjoy!

    You have plenty of test! Why do you think TRT is going to improve your life???? Weight gain is obviously making you depressed! Get to the gym and start shedding some timber! That's where I'd start.... Good luck, bro

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    This is my third week back at the gym. Trying to do at least 30min cardio per day

    Monday: Chest, Tris
    Tuesday: Back, Bis
    Wednesday: Legs
    Thursday: Shoulders, traps
    Friday: Been doing arms again

    I don't have a solid diet currenlty. I haven't been trackgin calories or macros. I stopped all caffeine and soda, juice. Just water, sometimes with Mio.

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    Thanks Barabbas7

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    Why don't you spend the money you were about to fork out on TRT for a personal trainer? Find the right guy and you could be a different guy in 3 months!

    Also, download Lifesum off google play. Put in target weight and log all your intake. It can be a bit of a pain in the ass, but it'll really dial in your macros and will highlight if your consuming a caloric surplus!

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    Test looks fine for your age...couldnt really see but looked like 430? Especially if you did it in the afternoon probably even higher than that.... estrogen perfect... training program looks great.....check out Ricks diet and nutrition basics pinned top of in more cardio....maybe add some supps....preworkout...vitamins....throw in few sarms....i wouldnt mess with trt...... especially if you ain't done having kids...

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