Good morning everybody my first thread on this forum,

Anyone tried running high dose deca cycles or with reverse proportions with test half of deca dosing?

Curious to know how side effects/general well being was if anyone tried this.
I been reading about 70´s bodybuilders running like 400mg deca weekly and 15mg dianabol daily only.
This got my antention since 70´s bodybuilders did not have AI´s avalible and deca aromatizes only 20%.

On the other hand im working on my 2nd cycle i will run for 12 weeks and want to run it with low test like 200mg wk 1-6 and 300mg wk7-12 as "base"
Thinking about running kickstarter (winnie or t-bol. maybe rad140?) for first 4 weeks and deca or other low aromtising compound wk1-10 in higher dose then test.

thank you in advance, IceViking.