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    I have exhaustively watched videos on dbol, each stating the same claims: puffy, watery, boolnish look+high risk of sides..

    Some state a feeling of euphoria and strength, but I have no interest in either of those things because of fear of injury (trying to lift TOO heavy).

    Does this compound actually build muscle? I have no problem waiting several weeks for deca to kick in.

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    It's a very wet steroid. If you're prone to estrogen sides I don't recommend it. If you can handle estrogen well and run your AI properly of course it will build muscle it's been proven over and over since the 60's. Most use Tbol nowadays to avoid the estrogen related side effects.

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    yes it most certainly does build muscle... what exactly would the point of using it if it didnt? there are just better options in terms of less side effects...

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    I just read about Tbol. It seems to be preferred for performance rather than Aesthetics.
    I'm almost at 10%bf.. I'm just going to do NPP+TEST+ HGH


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    tbol is definitely the better option...

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