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Thread: New guy intro

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    Cool New guy intro

    Just wanted to introduce myself;
    I'm 38 years old
    BF ?
    Been training for 8 years
    1st cycle if you want to call it a cycle was 2 prepackaged 1 ML Sust 250 syringes for a grand total of a 2 week cycle with no PCT. Young, dumb and hanging with some other boneheads that had access but lacked knowledge. I'm kinda glad that this ended when it did because these guys never mentioned PCT.
    2nd cycle
    10 weeks Sust 250 once per week
    PCT Nolva and Clomid
    Went from 185 to 205 All around great experience
    3rd cycle
    12 weeks Sust 375 per week
    EQ 250 per week for weeks 2-12
    PCT Nolva and Clomid
    Went from 200 to 225 Ended up with some water retention.

    Ive taken some time off due to back injuries and am now ready to hit it hard again.

    I went ahead and ordered some gear with the goal of making two solid cycles. My next cycle will be very similar to my last cycle just higher dose. I thought I had the second cycle all figured out until I started studying on a few forums. The second cycle will have some compounds that are new to me and I am worried about possible sides, ancillaries while on cycle and PCT with these compounds. I have a few months before I have to make a decision on these compounds so I'll just be hanging around here and learning. Hopefully my questions will be answered by just reading through the threads and the great sticky's. Look forward picking your brains in the next few months and hopefully contributing useful info in the years to come.

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    Welcome to isarms brother! It’s nice to have you... feel free to ask if you have any questions

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    Thanks Bro

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    welcome to isarms brother, great to have you

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    Thanks, good to be here!!

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