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Thread: Critique on Next Run

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    Critique on Next Run

    Hey Guys,
    Just planning next run, any opinions will never be neglected. This would be a cut run.
    Therefore 48 yrs , 200lb, @ 12 % BF.
    PLANNING...... 200-300 Test Cyp, 400-500 Mast E, 150 Tren A, Bold Cyp 200-400 ( really not sure of
    Dosage, subbing for EQ). Win finisher @50. Possible TBOL KICKER @50.
    This would be a 12 wk run & Tren would be EOD @ 50. Of course Aromasin @ 12.5 EOD & Caber @ .25 E3day. Thanks, any feedback appreciated.

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    dont like it man... eq needs to be ran 16 weeks, and you are running a rather pointless dose.... i guess you could run tren more so on the back end of the cycle but it needs a lot fof work... its a lot of compounds too... not sure your cycle history

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    Tren A 350
    Mast P 350 - 600
    Test P 350 - 500

    Winny as a finisher... That's how I would run it.

    8 - 10 weeks

    Aromasin and Caber as needed.
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    My current cutting blast is
    Test P 400 1-10
    Tren A 500 1-10
    Mast P 600 1-10
    Last 6 weeks
    Winny 40mg
    Anavar 50mg

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    Thanks Dylan. Ws considering Bold Cyp, because of the faster effect with lowered dose. But will scratch the bold, acting slow with Tren because of sides, but will increase slowly. I know I shouldn't mix the two esters, but if need be can I pin the Tren A, with the rest. I knew there was 2 many compounds.

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    you can mix the esters, thats fine, just simplify the cycle... dont go overboard with it

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