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Thread: Blood Pressure High

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    Blood Pressure High

    Went to the Eye dr and he did my blood pressure. 119/103 on the first and 127/105 the second. I'm about two weeks into my test-e/tren-e cycle and I'm wondering if this is to blame. My pressure a month ago was 120/75.
    Cycle looks like this, I take these dosages twice a week except for the GW, I take it everyday.

    Test-E 300mg
    Tren-E 150mg
    Arimidex .5mg
    Caber .25mg
    GW151516 20mg (Every day)

    Also I'm going to get my blood done in a couple weeks. Just had some family issues come up and had to cancel my last appointment.

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    Tren def raises your blood pressure

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    Blood Pressure High

    Tren definitely can impact your BP bro.. are you taking organ protection? A few days ago I read something about how L-arginine and 200/300mg of Q10 per day can help lower it
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    I think I've read something about that too. I might give that a try. I wouldn't call it in the danger zone but I'm definitely going to keep an eye on it.
    I've been on TRT before I started my cycle and injecting testosterone is know to trigger red blood cell production which causes the blood to thicken up. So now I'm thinking I might need to go get an iron test ran. Only way to lower it is to give blood, but I'm not sure if that would be a good ideal while on Tren.

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    Cialis and viagra can help lower bp as well

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    On cycle (typically tren or orals) I take doctor prescribed 20 mg lisinopril hctz ed, 10mg cialis EOD, and a baby asprin a day im g2g.. Just what I have to do to keep BP same as off cycle.

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    It's your diastolic that is high while systolic is fine. I'd say its likely the tren. It's notorious for BP issues

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    Thanks Ross. I'll look into that.

    I forgot to note that my blood pressure was measured with an electronic wrist cuff and not a traditional style. So, my wife happens to be an RN, (I do not discuss my cycle with) and I got her to check it tonight and it was 142/85. Kinda strange that it is that different from the one this morning. Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and give blood tomorrow morning and see what it does. They should be able to tell me the amount of iron in my blood. Which if I understand it correctly is directly correlated with the red blood cell count.

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