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Thread: 12 Week Bulking Cycle

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    12 Week Bulking Cycle

    Hey Dylan and guys what do you think of this cycle for bulking. It is 12 weeks, I'm not sure if a longer cycle is necessary or not my last cycle have been 12 weeks so I just do 12 weeks

    Deca: 500 - 600mg/wk (1-12)
    Test-E: 500mg/wk (1-12)
    D-Bol: 50mg/ed (1-4)
    Tren E: 300mg/wk (3-12)
    Winstrol: 50mg/ed (7-12)
    Arimidex: .5mg/ed (1-12)

    My stats:
    37 yrs old
    16% BF
    210 lbs
    Goal weight: 235lbs
    This will be my 4th cycle, I have done 2 bulking and 1 cutting before
    Plan to workout 5-6 days per week

    What do you think?

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    thats an extremely heavy cycle, especially for only your fourth cycle, not to mention you are already 16% body fat and want to gain 25 more lbs... you are trending in the wrong direction of healthy here with that... i honestly dont like it at all but you do whatever you want.... if it very me, i would not be attempting to gain that kind of weight with an already high body fat... i would work on getting your body fat down in the 12-13 range, then possibly consider a RECOMP cycle, but not an all out bulk... you are trying to do this too heavy with too much all at once...

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    Hey Dylan,

    What would be the recomp cycle you would suggest?

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    test, primo and deca would be a good option along with a winstrol finisher

    another good option would be test, tren and eq along with a winstrol finisher

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    How long would you do that for?

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    if you run the eq cycle, 16 weeks... the deca and primo, 14 weeks

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    How much of each?

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    for which one??

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    Which ever one you think would be more beneficial

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    I feel like my body responds well to Tren so the Tren, test, eq, winstrol cycle

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