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Thread: Want a source. Do what I did. Move to Asia

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    Want a source. Do what I did. Move to Asia

    Everything, everywhere and cheap. . .most will deliver right to your door.

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    Nothing better than a good ole cane'ing

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    Yes, but is it really that much better in Asia? I'm not saying that isn't a bad idea it's just that where I live it is actually pretty nice. Economy here is good, people are friendly, weather is nice and I still get stuff delivered right to my door. Which part of Asia and how far does your dollar go?

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    I'm good with my discrete domestic shipping to my home here in the states. No thanks lol

    (PM me for a price list for Biotech Labs and 10% discount)

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    Ok the math isn't adding up , quiting my job packaging my house and moving my family to Asia I'll be dirt poor but will have aas!

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    do they have doors in asia?

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    You don't need to move to asia to get good AAS....

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    I will just keep ordering how I do now and let the post office bring it to my door.

    Last thing I need to do is live in fucking Asia... No thank you.

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    i love asia but it aint for the aas lol

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    Swine flu, weird bugs, monkey bites, over population, pollution, Godzilla... Im good bro.

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