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Thread: SarmsX

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    Hello ISarms members
    I was doing some research on how to by Sarms "I already know about esarms and the rest of the sources that they have Sarms on this form"
    So I found out that SarmsX has been on business for awhile now?!
    Any information I will really appreciate if you know SarmsX scammer or not.
    Thank you

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    Sarmsx was a legitimate source years ago, but they went out of business. The domain was then purchased by a scammer, and we see a lot of people come here that got burned by them. I would stay away from them. is definitely good to go though.

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    sarmsx closed almost 2 years ago man.. a scammer bought the domain and is taking advantage of that now and has done many people dirty... its extremely shady to say the least

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    Thank you PON and Dylan for your clarification. I really appreciate it.

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    No problem

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