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Thread: Pharmalady Specials Request

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    Pharmalady Specials Request

    The Pharmalady Team would like the customers input on what products should be put on the monthly specials list. This will give you the opportunity to stock up on the products you use the most, at a discounted price. So if there’s any product you would like to see on the monthly specials list, just reply to this post and maybe you’ll see the product you want on next month’s list Thanks in advance for your ideas and recommendations.

    The Pharmalady Team

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    Received my Pharmalady sarms GW and MK677/ good service and response with Pharmalady and running that with Isarms S4 (ordered before hurricane) I'll be getting bloodwork in three more weeks and if all checks out I'll be ordering a years worth of MK677-- So let's get MK677 on that

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    Masteron enanthate and Anavar. ....Pharma Lady always has great specials and I thank ya's for that.

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    Oh, great... Pharma Lady always has great specials and I thank ya's for that.

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    bio trope(i know it's always been there and i'm thankful for that )
    Sb 5(sibutramine) maybe
    EQ cyp-i know it's on sale right now but i plan an order next month
    deca 250 or 300

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    Anavar, primobolan, masteron, aromasin. Already taking advantage of the current sales and they are always appreciated. Thank you

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    Bring back thaiger pharmacy!!! Lol

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    Rad 140 and S4

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    I agree with the MK 677. Currently running mk 2866 and GW but i'm looking to add mk677 and run that yr round so i would place a solid order if on special.

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