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Thread: Looking for capsule s4

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    Looking for capsule s4

    Does a reliable source exist?

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    It’s pretty risky to do caps from what I understand but I haven’t been following the legal policies around this topic. Can you not do liquid or something?

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    I can’t speak for sarms or serms but I have experience with similar liquid peptides. I get horrible crippling heartburn the second they make contact with the throat. Not sure why but this is from multiple different compounds that do this. Cough medicine will do this too me if it’s bitter enough

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    Try diluting it with juice or something.
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    Dilute it in juice then chug it quick, or put in apple sauce.

    I’d definitely go with , they are tried and true. You gotta be careful with where you get your sarms now a days.

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    That sounds fine. I make a protein smoothie every morning that should be strong enough to hide the taste.

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