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Thread: Experience with robolics?

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    Experience with robolics?

    Hello all! Just want to know some peoples experience with robolics, as I'm a little hesitant by the very low prices, but then again I know it's an ugl. I am thinking about the Test E and EQ for my next cycle. Appreciate any responses😃

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    They been around for a long time your safe to order from them forsure

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    Robo is my go to source man. His gear is very potent. I've referred a few bros to him and they were all surprised by the quality.

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    Thanks for the replies guys! Will try them out😀

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    Robo is stand up. Hes an artist at what he does and is my dude. Hes one of the most reliable and dependable sources on this board and others. The 44 fucks with him.

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    Robo is a legend

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    Order with total confidence!

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    Robo is good. Don't worry about it.

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    He's awesome man you won't be disappointed. I'm a rep if you have any questions.

    Also make sure your using the new email to place orders

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