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Thread: Bravo to Cbbram and peak performance

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    Shout out to ccbbram and peak performance. I had made orders with ccbbram before when he was with another source but when I saw he changed and went domestic I couldn't wait to do more business with him. Ccbram recieved my money Thursday put the order in Friday and even with the holiday weekend and Monday being memorial day I just recieved my order today which is Tuesday the day after memorial. Thank you cant wait to try this stuff out
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    I don't know how that's even possible. I think Peak is using drones to deliver now. Either way I'm glad you got your stuff quickly and safely. Good luck with your cycle.

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    that is called caring about customer service. glad you are happy with the speed of service. hit one of us up for a list

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    I'll be making another order in two days, just wanted to see how first one would go. Thank you. Looking foward to this venture

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    Cool bro... Message me anytime.

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