HUGE Black Friday Sale at Sarms4Sale!!


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Happy Holidays to all of our loyal and amazing S4S family! It is that special time of the year again when S4S shows you all the proper love and respect that you deserve!

Our biggest sale of the year is always our Black Friday sale... This year is much different as we have a much bigger surprise than just another holiday sale...

OH YES, the addition of so many of the products that you all have requested! We have HUGE news for you that is our big Christmas gift to you all!

We are adding several new liquids to our lineup...

RAD-150 (Sustalone), LGD-3303 (Megabolic), SR-9011 (Metabol), ACP-105 (Vasculine) and GW-0742 (Lipoline)...

We also have moved away from the grain alcohol solvent to make a change and now the liquids will have glycol, with another change that was asked from all our researchers!


ALL SARMS will be offered in 1 gram powder form as well!!!!!

We have done our very best to bring you the best possible products, with the most variety, and of course, the best customer service possible! Our way of saying thanks to everyone is to go above and beyond as much as possible!

ON TOP of all our sarms products also being in powder form, we are adding two (2) more to the lineup that are BRAND NEW.

We will be offering both OTR-AC (MK-2866 ESTER) as well as 5-AlphaHydroxy-Laxogenin!


The sale will begin Monday, November 22nd at Noon Pacific and will run through Cyber Monday, November 29th at Midnight Pacific!

All Orders under $249 - 10% off
All orders over 250 - 25% off
All orders over 500 - 30% off
All orders over 750 - 35% off

I would not wait long as we have a set amount aside for this sale and it is only while supplies last! Do not wait until the last minute!

Thank you again to everyone for the love and support. Happy Holidays, Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to everyone!

bros this is a s4s sale to remember, unreal sale for the community and great sarms discounts
Great deal and on quality products. I have been using these guys for a few years now and nothing but good things to say. Especially love their GW. Time to stock up boys!!!
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