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    bold cyp

    Just got my order from robo in a very timely manner very impressed with the service. One question tho, If the bold cyp is cloudy and I assume it was because it was cold do I need to worry about it. I warmed it up and it is clear now. The test cyp is clear and they are both 250 mg, is this because of the compound. I would appreciate any advise given fro the more experienced. Thanks

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    It's fairly common for gear to crash in cold weather. Just warm up some water in a pot about an inch deep and set the vial in the water below the rubber stopper and the top. It should clear up and you'll be good to go.

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    I had to have a couple replacements from Robo. Not his fault as two of the vials froze in the mail. It appeared the compound and suspension separated. Robo took care of me no questions asked. I received replacements today. They weren’t frozen but a little cloudy. I’m hoping they clear up once they reach room temperature. I can’t say for sure if product is negatively affected. Either way I know Robo backs his product so I’m not worried.

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    I warmed mine at it cleared, thanks for the info

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    I heated vials up for 20 min. Everything cleared up and it’s crystal clear.

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