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    Another 'First time' Sarm cycle RAD, GW

    I like option 2 but no need to wait until week 8 to start GW... Start at week 1... You'll love GW, particularly for hockey - I play a little as well and it's a great help - noticeably fresher each shift.
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    Am I wasting time?

    If this is truly your goal, you've already answered your own question. That said, many other factors will have to be held fairly constant during your cycles - diet, training regimen, etc. It'll be difficult but not impossible to make a fair comparison. I think it's a great idea but I know I...
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    Help to get my Youtube channels back... Learn How Here!

    done - replied to an existing forum post about your channel - good luck with it!
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    Internet, a dangerous double-edged sword

    Laughed when I read this... So true! I see more women at my gym doing squats (and really good squats at that) than men.
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    LGD test

    i'd speak with an attorney... something doesn't add up... you were stone cold sober and the cops thought you were on heroin? why? because they found LGD/GW? i'm not a heroin expert but I thought it was a solid at room temp, not a liquid that obviously smells of alcohol... what cause did...
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    50 degrees outside and knees are killing me

    Best. Line. Ever! That should be your signature!
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    advice on a new steroid/sarms user

    sarms will help for sure - dylan or rick can set you up with a solid plan... one thing you might try in the interim is switching up your routine... sounds like you focus a lot on heavy weight, low reps... try light weight, high reps (15 - 25) for a week or two and then go back to the heavy...
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    If you are concerned about hormone levels, the absolute best thing you can do first is have them measured. Get bloodwork done. Stabbing at what you think might be the problem with products found on ebay is unlikely to help. Have you contacted your physician at all and expressed your concerns?
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    My first cycle

    Blows my mind how many people find this forum knowing about Dylan but not knowing about how passionate he is when it comes to using Tren on a first cycle... Or about cycling at all at a young age...
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    Rest week

    I do this every 6 weeks whether or not I'm on cycle. I do try to time my cycles so that my rest week falls in the middle though - I don't particularly want to take two rest weeks in the same cycle (assuming a 12 week cycle anyways).
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    Bodybuilding and SLEEPING PILLS – an essential recovery guide

    Yeah - I'm a big fan of THC/CBD as a sleep aid. Never did get much pain relief from it but it did make me care a bit less about my aches & pains. I don't really enjoy being high from it but can't argue that it helps a lot with getting a good nights sleep!
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    injury and hgh

    My gut instinct would be to tell you to stop your cycle and start a PCT immediately... At least that's what I'd do... There isn't much use being on a cycle if you can't give it 110% throughout. Chances are, if you stay on cycle, you are going to feel obligated to get to the gym - possibly end...
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    My personal super meal for post workout

    Another good spice combo i've been using lately: chili powder garlic (or garlic powder) lime juice paprika kind of a mexican flavor - go easy on the lime juice - it can dominate everything... the paprika is optional - if you like more heat, add some cayenne pepper
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    12 Week SARMS Bulk. First Timer.

    I've done S4 twice and from what I've been able to gather - everyone has a different sensitivity to it... In my case, I did get the yellowing of lights at night - annoying but comforting in the fact that you know you got the real thing. Also, from about 6 weeks to the end of the 12 week cycle...
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    My latest artistic project

    Each hand painted? Wow! You've got way more patience (and skill) than I do!