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Where the hell have I been and did I finish my cycle? YES!


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Just checking in...another 2-3 weeks of trying to lean out as natural as I can and I will be starting my new cycle! Yay! Can't wait but trying to be patient as I'm still seeing some results with clean diet/cardio and small circuits...and here's the kicker - off my thyroid med which was holding water and it defo wastes muscle (and bone). For anyone who read my last log I do have thyroid issues with autoimmune hashimoto (but usually swing hypothyroid) I was on cytomel for nearly a year and DID NOT LOSE WEIGHT ON IT. So everyone who says it's a weight loss superhero, I guess maybe for a functioning thyroid but I'm not so sure - and I did not see positive results in fact I saw muscle loss (without Sarms) and like I said, the bloating issues/water retention. Which can be common with cytomel.

That being said, having been off it for a month the hypo symptoms have come back with low energy, weaker/cold cold COLD feet and hands and a host of the other sides. So I'm at a cross roads of deciding if I need to find a different thyroid med/go back on it and cycle it etc. I don't want to if I can help it. The plan is to see if GW and SR9009 give me the energy I want that the cytomel was doing before. My last cycle I was GW/MK with my cytomel. Be really curious if I can stay off the thyroid med how beneficial GW/SR9009 are on their own. Then I will be adding in the S4...Exciting!! I will be back :)
im anxious to see if that works for you and i TRULY hope that it does because i hate to see you have to use it... ill be here for all the support that you need!