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Welcome/Introduction Thread


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What’s up ladies and gents,

Decided to join the forums after snooping around for a year or so and watching some of DG videos on Youtube. Mostly looking to learn from many of you, experiment as well and learn to keep and open mind when the expert/pros are giving advice/recommendations. So here’s my general info:

38yrs old
15% BF
Prior Army
Strictly Fullbody/Strength Training Routine
1RM’s are:
Bench- 335lbs
Skwatt- 415lbs
Deadlift- 525lbs
Standing Press- 205lbs

Experience with PEDs:
In my 20’s I messed around with pro-hormones (mostly Superdrol) and oral only cycles (Dbol, Var, Winny...I was too much of a pussy to pin). I never PCT’d because I was too young, stupid, and ignorant to take anyone’s advice but luckily it didn’t really cause any damage. Decided to pin in my 30’s, around 35... mostly just test combined with an oral (dbol and var... I love dbol which I know many are not a fan of but makes me feel awesome in the gym). I’ve done a few cycles with that combination and I have done 2 test/deca cycle as well. PCT’d with nolva and clomid for the most part until my last cycle which I integrated HCG. Now I know I might get a lot of shit for this and that’s cool, like I said I’m here to learn but I’m not an advocate of heavy or large amounts of gear.... example 300mg of test and 175mg of deca a week. Not in it to look like a bodybuilder or Mr. Olympia but I just like to feel good and strong and that’s what works for me. Many of you might feel different and I can respect that. Messed around a bit with S4, GW and Ostatine. Decent results, got pretty lean, down to about 185lbs. I am currently on a prescribed dose of TRT at 200mg a week of test but I am looking to add some deca and dbol as well as trying caber for the first time to see how that makes me feel with deca. Never had issue with deca before but I might up the dose a tiny bit but that’s where I’m at right now... nothing is set in stone though. I think this forum is great which why I said “phuck it”, let me join the community and stop being an outsider. There’s probably more to be said but I’ll end it right here. If you have any questions or comments, let me know and I look forward to interacting with everyone.


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I new to this forum and wanted to quickly introduce myself. I've been working out in the gym since 2012 on and off (off during couple injuries) andovrd recently to Phoenix. I had to make a long break of 6 months due to work and got back into the gym 3 months ago. Gains are coming back and figured out that frequency works better for me than volume. I'm 5'6 @ 175lbs and trying to shred down some bodyfat. Looking forward to lurk here around!


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Hi Guys,

I've been living the bodybuilding lifestyle for about 15 years now and reading here on these forums for awhile. Now I'm happy to officially be joining as a member!

Age - 28
Height - 6'0
Weight - 205 lbs (heaviest I've ever been was 220, with similar bodyfat %)
Body Fat % - 10-12%
Body Type - Mesomorph
Years of Training - ~15 years
Cycle History - I ran a few cycles of superdrol in the past; typically 10mg/20mg/30mg/30mg(optional). I had great results in terms of both size and strength gains, with minimal side effects. I've wanted to experiment with other compounds as well and am excited to take that next step soon.
PCT - I've always used a combination of nolva and clomid, as well as an OTC anti-aromatase/anti-estrogen. Was able to keep the vast majority of my gains with each cycle (thankfully!)
Goals - I'm working to gain lean mass overall with a particular emphasis on my back and upper pectorals
Supplements - I've tried them all at one point or another but currently am only using creatine monohydrate and a wide array of general health supplements and nootropics
Nutrition - I've always been very disciplined with my diet and believe this accounts for 60-70% of ones progress (among things you can control... not genetics). These days I eat moderate/high protein, high fat (healthy) and low carbs.

Anything else you'd like to know feel free to ask. Happy to be on board and grateful for having such a robust resource available. Thanks!


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Hey guys

I'm new to this forum and wanted to give a brief introduction of myself. I've been working out since 2012 on an off (off due to some injuries) but was mostly able to keep building my physique despite some injuries. I moved this year to Arizona and had the longest break of 6 months due to work. I got back 3 months to my gym routine and the gains are coming back. I'm 5'6 and around 175 lbs currently trying to shred down some body fat. Looking forward to be here active and for helpful advises from you guys.


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NEW GUY....Kind of?

I was on here previously, about 2 years ago and fell off after going through some chemo. Nothing major and I am back just fine. After doing some shoulder stalking, I noticed that two of my co-workers (subordinates) are snooping around this forum as well so I'm back under a different name...soooo I know you Sailors are out there! I'm watching! LMAO!

Age: 31
Height: 70in
Weight: 188lbs
BF%: 15%

Cycle history....well I have ran quite a few..several on deployments. I have not gotten into anything real crazy, I typically just run Test Cyp and have ran Dbol, Anadrol, and one EQ. I have taken some of the advice that I have read from you fine gentleman on here that "less is better" so I'm reaping the benefits of that while I can.

Some of the sources I have used, which I know some are from here and approved and some are past and maybe not approved anymore:

Valhalla ( :( :( :( Best I ever had)
Pharmalady (Platinum Bio)
Robo (Fire but PIP kicked my ass)
Reaper (Wonder who that was, lol)

That's really about it. Anyways, I'm glad to be back on here and not just creeping without a user name getting information. You guys have some really sound advice on here that has treated me well. Broscience or not,it HAS worked for me and some of you provide some legitimate statiscal infomration for back you, and I think that is badass!



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Hi, I’m a 35 yo male, 6.0, 220.5 lb (but my usual weight is 194, I gained about 27lb in fat due to forced inactivity and some meds I had to take for a while). I train everyday in bjj and crossfit... training hard and dieting to get back in shape!


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Member member but have been reading threads for a few years....

Been training off an on for 20 years dealing with some injuries for last 5 years and got huge....lost 70pds in last 12 months...trying to get back at it...anyways good stuff here thanks!!!

Currently running 220 test and 4iu of hgh Ed and 500 hcg a week....


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New member buddy of mine (existing member) felt it was a good place to share information and a community to make sure everyone is well informed and safe.

Age - 30
Height - 5'9
Weight - 230lbs (heaviest during bulk); 190-195lbs (Cutting)
Body Fat % - 16-17% (@230); 6-8% (@190's)
Years of Training - ~11 years
Cycle History - I started cycling going into my 29th birthday and probably ran things a little harder than one should. I accounted for age and took precautions. Started with Genotropin HGH as a foundation @5 UI EoD for about 2-3 months as a foundation where I stacked Deca @150 mg every 4 days. From there worked my way up to a Test Sus blend and Tren A. These dosages do increase but thats a lot of info to dump all at once.

I have also worked with IGF-1, Tren E and Tren Hex aka Parabolan, winstrol, anavar, and other Test based esters. I am not fan of orals (other than anavar), Whinny was water based solution inject (more painful than others) so definitely no experience taking orals and generally not a fan of the fast gains that can easily through off ones perceptions.
PCT - I've always used a combination of nolva and arimidex with HCG. My PCT's are as long if not longer than my cycles. Never a fan of short cutting PCT.

Anything else you'd like to know feel free to ask!!!


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New here. 34, 6'2'' 245lb. Been in the gym for 7 years. Recently got bloodwork done due to overall lethargy and low libido. Test was 218. Was recently put on TRT [email protected] 100mg/week. Was a little surprised when the doc gave me insulin syringes for subq injections. I would like to supplement my prescription with additional test, will wait 6 weeks and get more bloodwork to get a new baseline. Here to learn.


Hey im 30 yrs old, white guy from a bih city. Tryn to learn bout sarms, did a coupke cycles but not for awhile. now want to learn bout sarms. Just nought mk 677 and might pick up some ost. But need a good source. Im 185 with a pretty low bf ratio and in ok shape.


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Hi, new guy here. 46 years old, 6.3, 231 lbs, 10-15% bf.
Trained a lot bodybuilding style for seven years until I was 24. Life got in the way and I was forced to quit. Quitting wasn’t easy, training is addictive to me. The last year I’m back at it, shaped up my diet also. Have dropped 44 pounds of fat but the last 6 months I have actually gained 10 lbs of red meat! Working a four split and one rest day everything is going in the right direction quickly! A few minor blemishes (shoulder and distal biceps tendinitis) but they are getting better. Strength wise and size wise I’m back at the plateau where I quit 22 years ago. Quite happy with this but thinking about the next step, for me who always been a natty, that would be sarms.
Think I can learn a lot from this site and I will happily share my experience if I get going with the sarms.
I’m not quit sure what to expect from sarms in terms of effectiveness, haven’t seen any impressive gains, before/after shots.


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Welcome to the enlightened site for all things bodybuilding.....

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hey new here trying to find my way around
Age 28
Height 6'
Weight 210
Body fat % 13
Years of training: 10
Complete cycle history: rad140/yk11 8 weeks took a 2 month off and currently taking rad 140, my2866, & LGD 4033
PCT for each cycle: HC regenerate
Goals: I want to dead 500, squat 405x5, bench 315, run sub 5 min mile
Supplements standard pre-workout

any advice is much appreciated


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Hi All,

Keen to acquire as much knowledge as possible.
I've been training 10 years, the last 5 being highly structured and on a disciplined macro.

Age: 34
Height: 6'
Weight: 185
Body fat %: range 8-12 currently 10
Years of training: 10
PED history: Nil
Goals: Gain sustainable lean mass while lowering body fat.
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First time ever getting on one of these boards. Not even sure if I’m replying to this thread correctly 😂.
I Figured since I’ve googled so much shit over the years I might as well actually get a little involved while trying to further my knowledge of any and all things bodybuilding.

5’ 10”
275 lbs, somewhere around 15-17% body fat.
Bodybuilding on and off for 8ish years.

Looking forward to learning my way around this site.


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Hi, new to this site and super excited to try SARMS. 45 year old female with a history of figure competing, triathlons, and Crossfit. Currently taking GH and testosterone (HRT cream). Have taken Anavar and Primo, but looking to try SARMS for fewer side effects (acne, hair growth and strain on organs). Bodyfat 13% and looking to build strength and increase endurance and of course get a little more shredded. Thinking about starting with recommended MK 2866 and GW 501516. Not sure about S4 due to vision issues. Any advice is welcome. Thank you!


New guy here:

177 lbs
21.18% BF (Hydrostatic Test)
6 months training
No cycle history, been on TRT for 3 Months. (130mg Cyp once a week)
6 months ago I was 195lbs and had never touched a weight in my life. Started swimming 6 days a week and completely changed my diet (my sister is a RD), dropped almost 30lbs. Looked too skinny, so started lifting with a gear head at work. Long story short, I am hooked, lift 4-5 days a week, cardio and athletic strength/conditioning 2 days a week. Ultimate goal is to increase lean body mass and lower BF. Here to learn about Sarms and how they can help achieve my goal because I am a long ways away from running my first cycle if ever.
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Hey everyone! Been lurking for a while so I decided I'd finally post one of these.
Age: 29
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175
Body fat %: 11%
Years of training: 15
Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run):
Ran Hdrol at age 21 for 6 weeks, gained about 14 lbs after pct, bloods came back great, no issues. Ran epistane 6 weeks at age 25, gained about 12 lbs after pct, bloods came back great once again.
PCT for each cycle: Hdrol - Nolva 40/40/20/20 // Epistane - Nolva 20/20/10/10
Goals: would like to at least get back to were I was strength and mass wise (had 2 shoulder surgeries) - around 190 at 10% bf but I think I can do better
Supplements (if any) - taking Ipamorelin and CJC NO DAC atm (100mcg 3x/d), about 4 weeks in and feeling great. Strength and recovery are awesome.
General idea of nutrition (any food allergies???): have a degree in nutrition so I'm good on all that.
Any other relevant info (injuries, surgeries you've had, etc.) - Had surgeries on both shoulders due to torn labrums (football injuries). My left shoulder is still a bit shitty but I can do everything except military press.


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Hi my name is Rob I’m 48 6’1 240pds and between 12-14% body fat. I’ve done many cycles in my 20’s and 30’s and have been working out again for 2 yrs. I was doing trt at 200mg a week but didn’t feel it was working. So I jumped back on the wagon and got some test cyp of my own. Now doing 750mg of test cyp and 500mg of npp a week. But am going to change from npp to deca. I’ve been visiting this site now for 6 months but could never post. So I had to make a new acct. I was slayerx but now just rfg71. It’s great to be here! I’ve used Robo and Pharma Lady and my own source here at home.