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Hello everybody My name is Adam I’m 25 and I want to begin my first steroid cycle. I have a guy who can get me Anavar test E and Clomid. The only thing I really need is Novaldex and was wondering where I can get some and if I really need Novaldex if I already have Clomid. Thank you!
Good day all, I am new here, currently going through the Must read thread. Have a good day.

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Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 35, 5'8" with 11.6% body fat and currently hovering in the low 150's. I've been on this journey for about 4 months now. I was 137 when I first started, and seem to have hit a plateau. One year ago, I had severe sciatica and at times could barely walk. Since changing my diet and beginning lifting, I've had almost zero back pain! I've dealt with arthritis since I was in my teens.

Excited to be here, and I look forward to learning from you all. My goal is to end up around 180ish. I hope you guys can help me fill in the gaps to get there. Thanks for having me!
Hey all, new to the forums here. I'm 30, 5'10 190# around 17% bodyfat. I've started out with powerlifting and then moved into CrossFit, but now looking to focus on strength and aesthetic again.

Excited to look at all your advice and join y'all soon.
Hey there, I`m 28, around 180cm, weighing around 74kg, 15% body fat. I`m an amateur fighter and I`m looking for things that help me with recovery.
Hello, i'm here and want to introduce myself. I love bodybuilding and i'm doing it for about three years on.... My age is 26 and i live in Massachusetts.
I'm 6'2 and 205lbs

I'm happy to join this forum guys and to be a part of your cool community!
Hi Everyone! I'm from South Africa and I'm new to ISARMS, 2nd day actually. looking forward to learning and growing the CORRECT way and hence I'm here. Special thanks to Dylan and team who help educate us, it means alot to me. Here are my current stats:

Age: 31
Height: 178cm/ 5 ft 10
Weight: 80 kg/ 176 lbs.
BF: 13%
Training: on and off for 13 years

My history: year 2005 I was like a stick and hated how thin I was so I started weight lifting. I transformed my body from 52 kg to 78 kg in year 2015 training ALL NATURAL. The first 5 years or so I didn't take any supplements only because I could not afford them, for the latter part of those 10 years I just took Whey Proteins and tried a pre-workout once. In my 11th year (2016) I entered the dark world and tried my first cycle. I had basic to little knowledge of gear but not like the education I get from here, wish I came across you guys earlier in life.

My first cycle;
1-12 500mg Test E
1-4 dbol
PCT was week 16-20 Nolva and clomid (can't remember the exact dosage).
My gains went from 78 kg- 83kg.
During that time I have just been going through some tough trials and lost focus, confidence and drive. I literally stopped gyming and dropped to 77 kg. God was good and somehow I managed to get my shit together. I started training naturally again from the beginning of this year 2018. I'm at a much better place now and I'm really focused and have my nutrition/diet on point. I am now at 80 kg and want to go ahead with my 2nd cycle. I made it my duty to educate myself properly to remove any fear. I will post my proposed 2nd cycle for review and advice in another thread. Thank you in advance for all the education, knowledge passed through these forums, assistance and help in anything I may ask for. I watched many of Dylan's youtube videos and gained a lot of knowledge. I'm grateful and thankful, it is however quite sad though why youtube banned them which is how I got here to the ISARMS forums. Cheers Dylan and team, and to everyone else!
My name's Andrew
I'm 21
Training for only a little over a year
Bf 9%
Resting metabolic rate is 1765 kcals.
Goals- I've always been a long distance runner usually running half marathons but I'm kinda over that, I just want to get to a respectable size and fill out more I'd like to weigh 165 to 175, my diet is fairly good however I usually do so much cardio so I plan on cutting that out and eating more. Looking forward to learning
Hi everyone, i'm new here and i want to say thanks Dylan. You've made a good job so this forum is working well and here are a lot of different people with interesting questions and experience. I'm 6'2 and 230lbs not competing bodybuilder, just doing it for myself. I'm glad to join this community
Hello guys, I have been using this forum for long and I now decided to join!

I am 28, 186cm x 82kg
been practising martial arts for 8 years and weight lifting for 3 years.
Tried sarms once but I had a bad experience because of a bad source recommendation.
I am now looking forward to true gear.

A big thank to Dylan who made me learn a lot with his videos ;)
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Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kenneth. I am 21 years old. I am new to this board and found the info on it to be very helpful. I am thinking of starting my first cycle pretty soon and doing as much research as I can.:rolleyes:
Hi all! Just wanted to say its nice to be a part of this place. Seems like an awesome place to be a part of and With a good group of people here. A little bit of background, i'm 32 5'9 210lbs around 12-13% bodyfat. I have been lifting since high school, have been serious/consistant with training and diet the past 3 years. I have two cycles under my belt and overall just love everything about bodybuilding. Can't wait to learn many things on here and meet some cool ass people with the same interest as me.
48yrs old
Training for years
96kg 177cm
12% BF
Balanced diet usually in and out of keto during the year.
Will be starting a 4th cycle soon, 250mg test/week and would like to stack with sarms eg MK-677, LGD-4033 & RAD-140
Have been here for a while and do a lot of reading without having to contribute much as that is how I am and prefer to be.
Hey yall 30 years old 5'9" 240lbs yes I'm over weight. I was 300lbs about a year ago. Been working out and lifting for a year now after a couple years of being a lazy ass and getting fat and comfy in a new relationship.

I have hit a slight Plato recently and after some research I decided to start my first cycle of LGD and cardarine. Going to run it for 8 weeks.

My goal weight is 190lbs and eventually bulk up a bit from that point

Age: 48
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170
Body fat % - Best guess 15-18%
Years of training:Religiously from age 24 to age 42, off and on for the past 6 years
Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run) - Damn, they were so long ago I don't remember, prohormones when they were the rage, Basic test cycle x 1, Both these cycles in my late 20's early 30's. Sarms cycle 6 years ago.
PCT for each cycle: To far back to remember
Goals: Trying to figure that out! At a crossroads trying to determine a path.
Supplements (if any): Multi vitamin, creatine, joint complex, fish oil, glutamine, acetyl l-carnitine
General idea of nutrition (any food allergies???) No food allergies, Diet is the key to success. I find it the most challenging aspect of working out.
Any other relevant info (injuries, surgeries you've had, etc.) THIS IS WHAT BROUGHT ME BACK TO WORKOUT FORUMS!!!! As i got older the heavy squatting and deadlifts caused serious back issues. Herniated disks at L4-5 and L5-S1. Backed down from working out and have not had a flair up with my back in years. Got into running races with my wife over the years and got addicted to trail running races. Lost alot of muscle during the last few years running. In June I started to suffer from IT band issues. FRUSTRATING INJURY! It doesn't hurt when i workout or even when I start to run. Once I get a mile in the IT band pain starts to worsen.

Went to my Sports Medicine Surgeon and had 2 injections in the IT band. Gave me heavy anti-inflammatory to help me get through a race. Neither the anti-inflammatory or the injections worked. Went to PT for 4-5 weeks and was rotated through various PT doctors in the practice because none of the therapies seem to work. By the way...dry needling sucks. Went to see a PT doctor who specializes in running and I am currently working through his program. I am 3-4 weeks in and their has been minimal improvement. Contemplating shutting the running down for 2-3 months and moving into focusing on a lean muscle building program.

Here to find my direction!
Hey everyone, I'm new to this board but have kind of been lurking in the shadows reading all of the posts for awhile and decided to join up.

Little history.. I've been lifting for around 10 years and have ran a couple of cycles. I'm 27 years old, 6'2 210lbs. I am just looking to learn from reading everyone's posts and just take in all the knowledge I can from everyone on here. Seems like this was the Board to join for all that.

Thanks everyone
Fort Worth, TX
ex College Athlete
Cancer Survivor (2105)
6'5" 460lbs down from a post cancer high of 498
Currently on a low carb high protein diet with lots of greens
Been off sodas, bread and fast food for 6 months
lost 48lbs with no exerciser. looking to ramp it up so I can be around for my son!!
before cancer and 3 years after cancer photo


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Hey I am a forum newbie I first began strength training at the age of sixteen I am 25 now. I usually eat five to six meals a day I do not count calories or macros. I would like to bump up meals to seven to eight. I have ran only two cycles the first deca 300 and sustonone at 400 mgs a week. The second Test 400 Deca 400 Tren Ace 200 mgs a week. PCT did not go well after second cycle. I am 5 foot seven at 185lbs. I am here mostly to gain more knowledge on cycle theory, diet and general advice. Thanks!!!
Brand new to the forums
33yo from England
168lb and raising
Fairly new to steroids
I am on cycle at the moment and am loving the gains and strenth
I have a separate post I in the steroids section
I was brought here by YouTube and the exelent info dylan gives
Glad to be here
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