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If you're new here use this thread to introduce yourself. Give us your stats, post a pic (optional) and tell us something about yourself.

If you have specific questions please post a different thread in the SARMS/AAS or Source Talk section so they can be addressed separately.

Welcome to ISARMs!
New to the forum today. Late 40's 6'0 213 lb. 13-15% bf, been training for 20+ yrs. Love it even when it's not lovin me back...
Recovering from injuries isn't gettin any easier but never gonna stop.
Look forward to sharing and learning.
Hello all. New here, old time poster over at PHF before the owner past away and it got shut down.

160lbs (usually 175/180 but I've been sick, read below)
Training since early twenties when I was in the military
bf ~15% which is actually high for me
Have kids already
Get bloods often

I've run plenty of cycles before, mostly blasting and cruzing test e while throwing on other compounds during my blast. Long story short, I was injured and went on pain management and couldn't lift hard anymore. I did a proper PCT, but the pain meds crashed my test hard after years of taking them and I started getting what im equating to rebound gyno once I started tapering off my pain meds. So I'm dealing with that now, and it's going away.

Ive had low test scores for the last year since I started tapering off my pain meds and lifting again, doc says he wants me on TRT but VA doesn't want to pay for it because they think I'm still too young. Which is fine with me, I have a good source from a good UGL and I'd rather take what I want rather than what they tell me anyway.

I aquired my next run which will consist of
~600mg ew of test e
~300mg ew of deca
50mg dbol kicker for 4 weeks
And I have stain on hand at 12.5mg tabs that I'm probly going to start right away at EOD just because my nips are still a little puffy from that rebound crap, although not sensitive at all.

I've run all this before except the deca, which I want to run not only because it's a great compound for bulking, but also my joints tend to get dry on cycle and I have a bum knee/shoulder from the military. I lost almost 30lbs in the past 6 months from being sick, tapering off my pain meds, dealing with this rebound issue, and subsequently not training and eating properly, but I'm getting my weight and strength back up slowly now.

Kinda want to throw in eq after 2 months, but I'm iffy on the anxiety issues since I deal with that normally, but eating enough is hard for me sometimes, although the Daca might help with this also, no?

This cycle I really want to get back to how I felt I was at before my injury, so around 180 with ~10% bf. I'm thinking of running this for 20 weeks. Then cruzing at 250mg ew of test e. I've always been able to keep most if not all of my gains after PCT or cruzing so I'm hoping I can take off from where I left off on the blast after this one.

Any ideas, comments or suggestions are welcomed!
30 yrs old

Been lurking around the forum for a while doing research on a sarm stack. I just finished stacking lgd, osta, and rad 140 a couple weeks ago and it was pretty good, saw nice strength gains, more definition and lean muscle gains. I ran the lgd weeks 1-4, the osta weeks 1-12, and rad-140 weeks 4-12, so I essentially replaced the lgd with the rad-140 after week 4. I think I may being experiencing some slight gyno in my left nipple but it's hard to tell if its actually there or psychological because I thought I felt something and now I've been fucking with it everyday which I think may be the reason it feels sensitive. I am running a mini pct of clomid and nolva but didnt run any aromasin while cycling. Got bloods done over a week ago and will get the results next tuesday so I'll have more info then.
Hey everyone! New member here, but very long time lurker. I've been a gym rat since I was in 7th grade and have always craved a great physique and the knowledge that goes along with that. I've battled numerous injuries over the years from sports & life in general, but have been very dedicated to health the last several years especially and have actually stayed healthy. I'm looking to start my 3rd sarms cycle shortly and can't wait to see more progress.


This site is my go-to resource. Thanks for the great info and community!
Hello, I’m new here. 6 1 208. Looking for some good advice instead of the bunk I usually get. I’m 41 and been lifting 9 years. I’m on a regimen of 200 cip and anastazole once a week. Looking to grow my lower body to match my upper body. I guess I’m not eating enough. 2300 calories and 200 protein a day.
Hey all! New member here. I’ve never really been a member of any forums except Reddit so this a new layout for me to get used to. I’m a 20 YO college student and I’ve been lifting seriously for about 3 years at this point. Before this I didn’t have much lifting experience outside of my old high school wrestling seasons in the winter, but after the season of my senior year I decided to stick with lifting for the long run. Now I really don’t see a life without the gym at this point. I love the feeling of being in great shape, looking good, and being strong. I haven’t hopped on the bike yet but I plan to do so sometime soon hopefully. Been doing tons of research and planning for the past couple months and decided to join this forum as another place for discussion and advice on usage.

Somewhere between 12-15% bf
Hi all!

Forum newbie here.

Age: a young 58
Height: 6’
Weight: 200 lbs.
BF: 18%
Training: on and off for 43 years (more off than on)
PED history: 2-3 months of Test1 about 14 years ago.
Supplements: Creatine, Glutamine, L-Carnitine, Citruline, BCAA’s, Whey and Casein Protein powders, some pre-workouts.

I’ve been weight lifting/bodybuilding and learning about nutrition on and off since 1975. My overall health is very good. I’ve been living extremely healthy for the last 10 years. I eat super clean and exercise pretty regularly. I also engage in some extreme outdoor activities. I’m all natural to-date other than the aforementioned Test1. (I remember that having quite an effect on my strength and size!) In the last two years I have done two 16 week recomp "body transformation" programs and had “pretty good” results. Lost 20 lbs on scale, dropped 6-8% BF and gained some lean muscle. But at my age I’m struggling to lose that last bit of belly/side and back fat whilst adding lean muscle.

I eat about 5 meals a day plus 1 or 2 sup shakes. I get about 200 grams of proteins from lean; chicken, ground beef, ground turkey, steak, egg whites, tuna, ff cottage cheese, greek yogurt, some beans and peas and protein powders. Simple and complex carbs from brown and white rice, potatoes, yams, whole rolled oats, pasta, dark greens - broccoli, brussel sprouts etc. Fats mostly from the meats with some additional from olive oil, some nuts, avocado, a few egg yolks (1 per 6 whites) etc. I was in a bit of caloric deficit during recomp but usually stay around maintenance.

I’ve had my share of injuries/surgeries in life, but all have healed well. I’ve had some lower back pain for decades and shoulder pain sometimes from workouts. I work through/around it. My weight training/bodybuilding program is 2 days on 1 day off and I split my body parts into 4 days. Each body part gets 5 days rest. I train as smart as possible to avoid injury but with high intensity and purpose. Keeping reps between 8 - 12 or 15. Usually last rep to failure. 12 to 15 sets per body part. I do 30 mins of cardio a day. Sometimes steady state and sometimes HIIT.

My goal is to cut more body fat (12%ish would be great) and gain more hard lean muscle and some vascularity would be awesome as well. I’m ok with 200 lbs. max but would be cool with 190.

Super interested in SARMS. I’m ready to take my aesthetics to a new level! I look forward to learning more and proceeding with preparedness.

...sorry for long post but I have been reading the admin/mod’s stickies :)


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Hey Im a new member and been working out since 2015. Went from being out of shape and over weight to trashing the junk food and getting serious about where i want to take this body. I am a female and 52 hitting 53 in another month. I am 5"2 and currently 192 working with a professional bodybuilding trainer to lose the rest of this fat and build the muscle i know my body is capable of. since Nov I dropped 50 lbs and still at it. I started running HGH 0.05 mg 5 on 2 off a month ago to reduce fat and lean out and help with other things. I work out 5 days a week serious training protocol and im addicted to this new life and becoming a gym rat! glad to be here ! thanks for adding me!
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I’m somewhat new, but I’ve not posted my stats or background before, so here goes:

First started training at 18, but I was on/off in spurts till 6 years ago when trained consistently to eliminate stress. Also started learning a lot about fitness and reading what I could about it for better gains and health. Then 2 years ago found out my mental and physical issues weren’t simply stress (weight training 4 days a week, an hr each time, and was losing muscle and strength, and gaining fat), that my T levels were 160 and dropping about 10 per week. My wife wanted kids from me, so we tried HCG. 9000 IU per week brought my T to 560 but my estrogen was insanely high and gave me really bad brain fog, memory loss, and arthritis, and some fat accumulation in the breast. Also gained 100 pounds of fat in 4 months, lost 35 pounds of muscle during this too. After thise 4 months the 9000 IU was only giving me a T level of 350, and still dropping rapidly. I was almost non functional mentally and physically, and not on it long enough to produce mature sperm, so I went on testosterone. First injection was at a clinic 45min from where I lived, it had test P in it, wow, it felt amazing. I found a doc 5 min from where I lived, went on 200mg/week cause 150 didn’t elimate low T symptoms but 200 did.
So I found myself in the particular circumstance of having years of fitness and weight training experience, but basically starting at zero again muscle wise and at a huge disadvantaged fat wise.

2 years ago: 30, 230 pounds, 47.8% BF
Now: 32, 215 pounds, 21.4% BF.
Cycles: currently on my first for 300mg/week. Oddly, I have less acne and better sleep now than I did on 200mg/week. I was totally into raw (no steroids or extras) till I had to go on TRT and realized I would never be totally natural again anyway.
Notes: I appear to need higher androgen levels to feel good and am hyper-responsive to the effects of anabolics. It makes Dr visits difficult because of the propensity to underdose.
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Hello everyone
I am trying to expand my knowledge as much as possible. I actually enjoy the role that science/chemistry play in Body Building and in sports altogether. My background is similar to a lot of the new members here as I started weight lifting at about 16 years old. About a year ago I started pellet theory and have moved onto injection TRT. I am 33 6'1 and 233 lbs
What going on?
36 yrs.
210lbs. 35 in waist

Products I have used in the past is, SARMSX, SARMS1 and some other sources. IMO SARMSX is or, was the best hands down.
RAD140, LDG, GW, SR9009 and S4

Cycles I have done:
* Aromasin and Proviron
GW, Clomid,

Napsgear, Pharmacon and Domestic

1.) Stay around my current weight and add size.
2.) Find a good source.
3.) Help other to achieve their goals as well.

Let me know what you guys think, all advice is welcome.

Thanks Dave
Hey everyone! Thanks for having me. I'm the lifting partner to a recent member tacotuesday. I've been powerlifting for 2 years in august been all natty up till now. Looking to start a light MK677 cycle.

Male: 25yo
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 198.1
BF% ~20%

DL: 470lbs
Squat: 410x2 (currently injured so haven't gone heavy since september, so that was my last max)
Bench: 305

Thanks for having me guys! Been lurking here for a while just reading up.

Quick edit: Specificity of weight was because I literally just weighed myself, I usually sit between 195 and 198
Hi Everyone! New to the forum...just joined last night! I’m 43, 5’11” and 200lbs...about 15% body fat. I’ve been training off and on for over 20 years, but I’ve been seriously training for the last 5 years. I feel like since I’m getting older I need to start taking care of myself better. Plus, I can use any help I can get to run around with my 2 year old and not feel tired afterwards. I look forward to learning and sharing from everyone here!
Hey Everyone! New to iSARMS. I used to go to the gym 7 days a week but stopped going when I went out of the country but just got back and starting a new cycle soon! I am here to learn from everyone and continue my journey!


Thanks Everyone!
Elijah Mikaelson
Michael Here. Been browsing a ton of bodybuilding and AAS sites and I love this one and its very informative. I have been bodybuilding for about 6 years as well as being a gym rat. I’m 30 about 6’1 and 170lbs 11% body fat. I hope I get a warm welcome into the community.
Been lurking around the forum for a while now. 22 years old, been lifting for about since I was 15, and did body weight and sports before that. Been injured numerous times. My first lifting injury was last year when deadlifting 585 @160lbs 11% bf and compressed my discs to the point where I couldn't walk and I've been recovering slowly from it ever since. Now I'm much better and I'm looking to get back into lifting and I was hoping of doing a recomp cycle with GW and MK 2866. This will be my first cycle on sarms, I've been doing research for a while now and all I'm left with is whether I need a PCT after MK or not, but that's for a different time. I hope I can learn from you all.

Current stats (I've gotten much heavier):

Bodyweight: 230 lbs

Body fat: ~18-22%

Height: 5'10

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Hi, I'm Alex. I'm ftm transgender and I'm mostly here to learn, take notes, and ask question so I can get myself back together now that I've beat most of the curves I've regained since losing my hrt. I've never done any "training" I've just gotten mad or frustrated and decided to work out. Generally a lot of cardio and body weight exercises.

Height: 5ft 4in
weight: 161
Body fat %: male metrics 7.8% female metrics 13% ( I'm not sure which is most useful in my situation so rather safe than sorry.)
Complete cycle history: Testosterone cyp from 10-7-16 to 4-15-18, it was prescribed for transition prior to losing my doctor.
Never done a pct (honestly I didn't even know what that was til like 15 minutes ago.)
Goals: Primarily slight muscle gain and toning but I mostly want to pass and if I can skip out on top surgery that would be bonus but its not a hard goal.
Supplements: D3, iron, fish oil, nugenix once daily and melatonin at night.
Nutrition: I'm operating at a minor calorie deficit but am overall healthy. Generally Chicken, steak, veggies are a pretty standard side as is rice or a roll. Fish, particularly salmon and tilapia, are also pretty common meals in my house.
General info: No major injuries, my back is naturally kinda wrecked jut from living, mostly lower back pain. One of my hips like to just fall/pop out of place every so often and so does my left knee but I can normally pop them back in and keep on with my day.
I’m new. 43 y/o Female. I’ve started weight training 4 months ago. 3-4x/week. Not really seeing what I want. My trainer told me I need to increase cardio to lose the weight. I’m getting a bit frustrated.

Started Semorelin last month and Test maybe 6 months. Can’t say I’ve noticed any real ‘gains’ but I am sleeping better.

Overall, I’ve lost about 8lbs. 🤨

I purchased ‘anavar’ which I took and bloated me like a pregnant women! I tested it via LabMax and it was winny.

I’m looking for advice on sarms. I’ve researched MK 677. Sounds awesome but I don’t want the fluid retention.

My overall goal: gain lean muscle; weight loss; endurance. I’m kinda down a little bit. Ive worked so hard! I’ve even started meal prep so my diet and water intake is good and yet I’m at a stand still.

Any advice?
Hey guys my names liam,
I’ve been lingering around for a month now and I finally decided to become involved in the community.

My stats are:

A little bit about myself is I was in the Marines for 5 years now I go to school full time studying pre Med.

Being in good shape has always sparked my interest and I’m always intrigued about gaining new knowledge in the fitness industry.
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