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We need more reviews!


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Everyone, we need more source reviews for everyone... Any experiences you have had or currently have are wanted and needed to ensure that all members make the best decisions possible... Obviously, we have sponsors here that are ONLY HERE BECAUSE WE KNOW HOW RESPECTED AND HIGH END THEY ARE, but there are still other good sources and bad ones that need to be reviewed... Let's get some experiences posted!


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Agreed. Its important information for all the members to have those reviews to look at. We want to make sure our family here makes the right choices to ensure they buy from a trusted source. Its all about looking out for the best interests of one another. Any reviews, no matter good or bad, you have from any source youve used would be extremely beneficial!


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This sure will be very help full I'm looking forward to see reviews to help make the right decisions, so far everyone here has been professional and help full, love it...

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