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Hi Dylan,

Been watching and learning from you vids for years now. Great stuff!

I have been taking regular TRT off and on for some years now. My doctor has always been redicnet to simply prescribe a 90-day supply/bottle of testosterone cypionate (which is what he gives me in his office) because he's concerned I might "sell it". I'm a 51 year old grandfather NOT a drug dealer. It's very tedious to have to go into his office for this every 2 weeks then have to make an appointment with him every 3rd shot. Pain in the butt dude!

As I mentioned I usually go into his office every two weeks where a nurse gives me 200-300 mg of the test c. depending on where my test levels were one week after my last shot (usually he tests the levels every 12 weeks).

My free t levels have been anywhere from 700 to 1000 after several injections yet without the injections they can be as low as 150. As I mentioned I am a grandfather yet I have NO problem putting on muscle as long as my test levels are high. I do however battle metabolic syndrome with all the detrimental trimmings that go along with it; hence the low-t.

Having said all this it's evident that if I want my insurance to pay for my TRT injections I will have to continue with my doctors prescribed visits.

However, is there another substance that can be used in conjunction with the cypionate that will NOT increase my t-levels, that still have andro effects? My question is for curiosity purposes only.

As I said; I have no problem putting on muscle even at my age. The issue is getting lean.

Any help or advice you can give will be helpful and greatly appreciated.
sarms would be what you are wanting to go with so there is really no effect on your bloodwork when you go in
No way you can find another Doctor? That does sound like a hassle to have to keep going back and forth like that. He probably charges you every visit? That just him squeezing money out of you. There gotta be another doctor out there.
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