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Hi Dylan,

First I want to thank you for all of the great advice...when I decided to go down this road two years ago you are literally the only person I would take advice from and I have referred countless people to your channel.

I have a basic question as it relates to TRT and then blasting. I am 38 years old, 6'4, 225, 12 % body fat and have been training since I was in my early 20's

Multiple years ago I realized I was become a bit lethargic In the gym and I had my testosterone tested 4 times over two years and it ranged from 250-289, which I believe Is very low for a guy as active as me. Two years ago I began TRT, which is 200mg testosterone cyp once a week. However for 12 weeks jan- mar and another 12 weeks July -sep I increase my dosage. In the winter months I bump up to 400mg test and 300mg deca then I cruise until July and the. I bump back to 400mg test and 200mg tren, then back to cruise. Obviously I have a condition that warrants TRT. My question is, even though I have a legit medical need for TRT, would it be wise to come off of everything and do a full pct and clean my system out or because of my low testosterone Should I just stay on TRT. Also, note I use letrozele as my ai in small dose and promi for the nandrolone with your recommended dose Again thank you so much for your honesty and care for people's health. I feel like everything i have done has enhanced my life and made it better and that is because I listen exclusively to your doses and education


hi brother...since you are are on TRT for is not healthy for you to do as you suggest ..." come off of everything and do a full pct and clean my system out"
It is pointless because you have nothing to recover would just stress your body out with all the inherent problems that come from low testosterone

btw..what total testosterone level dose your TRT dose provide you?


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bro, i guess i dont understand... you need trt due to having low test.. when you are on trt, you stay on it because you need it... coming off of it, even with a pct is not going to help, especially after you have already been on it.. its going to be worse if anything... i can recommend you a 12-16 week pct but i doubt it will have you feeling good again for a very long time... also, why on earth are you using letro man??? do you know what you are doing or what??? seriously, if you don't, you need to just stay on trt and stop blasting


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It wouldn't be wise to come off of TRT at all. You have a legit medical need for it, so it makes no sense to come off of TRT when it's something you need to keep you in range. TRT at physiological doses is going to be safe for you and healthier than coming off and putting your body through a hormonal swing.