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Hey Everyone,

Been reading this forum for a while and just signed up today. Need some help with a TRT Blast. Here goes:

Been on TRT for 10 months. Have been dialed in for the past 6 months. (First 4 was adjusting as anyone on TRT knows)

Inject 60 mg of CYP Monday/Thursday and it's premixed with .5 mg of Anastrozole.

My TRT Pharmacy sent me 2 Bottles of CYP/PROP Blend (80/20) the last time I renewed. I called about the error and they sent the correct stuff, but never asked me to return the erroneous shipment.

Had a blood test last Monday before my shot, so it's a true Trough.

Total Test: 821
Free 25.5 (Range 6-24.5)
SHBG 14 (16.5-55)
Estriadiol:35.9 (8.0-35.0)
All other numbers are OK. Lipids, etc.
I take Propecia
HCG for 6 weeks every 2.5 months. (TRT doc prescribes this way and it works ok)

HT; 5'11 1/2
WT: 197
12-14% Bodyfat
Diet pretty good. Cook 75% of my own meals, 1-2 cheat meals weekly (Pizza, cheeseburgers)
Been lifting since High School and play softball once per week and kickboxing class once per week. So, lift 3x per week, play (softball and kickboxing classes) 2x per week.

My goal is to add some muscle to my frame and break through a few plateaus on lifts. I'd like to bump my test to 400-500 MG per week for 6-10 weeks, depending on how I feel and look. Should I keep taking my regular TRT dose with test cyp, then add another shot or two of the blend to get to 400 or 500? How should I divide it up? Is it ok to use 2 different brands and blends of testosterone?

Was thinking Mon: 150 Blend, Wed: Prescribed 100 mg Fri: 150 Blend. Or do I keep Monday/Thursday shots, but add 1-2 others with the test blend?

Any feedback, advice or thoughts are greatly appreciated. Not adding any other substances at this time, this is all I have and want to use it before seeking other gear.



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500mg Test E per week, split in 2 pins, is a decent blast. You might consider something to kick it off or Winstrol for the last 6 weeks. Message me for a Robo price list and contact....

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