Titan Research Labs HUGE iSarms Sale!

Got my payment in just in time. Now I have to show restraint for 20 weeks until my summer of tren
Lmao badass bro. Good luck trying to say no to the Tren cause it will be calling your name everytime you open your stash up to pin. If I where you I'd hide it in a different part of my house lol.
Until they take either circle pay or bitcoin, I won't be purchasing. Just to risky to deal with WU or MG anymore. I'm sure there gear is solid, but part of this game is to get good gear as anonymous as possible.

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They are both in the works @21infantry, we will make the announcement publicly when circle pay/Bitcoin is ready. We have had this in mind for a while just have quite implemented it yet. Pm or email me for more info if you want.

Titan Research Labs
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