Titan is back! Updates and apology!

I’m glad you’re back brother! If there’s anything we can do to help let us know!

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Brother, I can't imagine a worse year. You have endured some of the worst and most devastating situations that humans can be subject to, and all in the span of one year. And your head is still up and you're still kicking ass. That is a HUGE testament to your character and your resolve. You're something else man. I hope 2018 is your year and is filled with blessings you can't even imagine yet. Very glad to have you back bro!

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I am happy that you are back Titan!! I am impressed with your mentality and your spirit brother!! You inspire me!! I am proud to be associated with an amazing man like yourself brother!! GOD BLESS!!!
True testament right there. First and most importantly, it's good to know after all that, you are back on your feet and not letting it get the best of you and throw you down like it would to many others. I hope everything works out for the best in the long run for you. Lord knows u deserve it after even half of this. Welcome back bro.

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Ahhh man! So sorry to hear that brother! Me and my buddy was trying to get a hold of you and thought to myself "I bet this guy is having some family issues"...all business aside. I'm glad you're back!
Welcome back Titan! It's great to see you're up and fighting.

I'm sorry for all the pain this year has caused you. Keep up your hard work and keep being a true gentleman and everything will work out.

You'll have an order coming your way very soon!

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Amazing attitude brother! Glad to hear you're feeling better man. A lesser person would have thrown in the towel long ago. Welcome back 🤙🏻

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Titan........stay strong.........if God brings it to you.....he'll definitely bring you through it!!!!.... life is never easy and my prayers go out to you good's very good to hear you are back and have the right mindset and are looking positively forward to the moving day you'll look back and smile.....knowing you were 'challenged' in a very hard way.......but you overcame it!!!
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