The Testosterone Week!!

Hi all!

Since today and until next Saturday I had created a 3x2 promotion in all the Testosterone esters from Stoa.

It means that you can buy

3 vials Testoa E250 (

3 vials Testoa C250 (


3 vials Testoa P100 (

and pay just for two vials!

The total price will be calculated automatically by the site and there is no need to add any coupon code!

Prices for those 3 vials packages will be:

3 Testoa E250: 109.98 USD!

3 Testoa C250: 109.98 USD!

3 Testoa P100: 79.98 USD!

I think this is a discount you can not miss it!

You can not skip this chance to test the products all people is talking about!!

PS.- As a "bonus track" I had also added this discount:

3 vials Winstroa 50: 150 USD!!
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