The healing of SARMs...and the sides.


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Tai-pan, I completely torn two ligaments in my right ankle in March of this year training Jiu Jitsu , had surgery in early April for the ligaments, and then had a second major surgery in mid-May on the ankle because the first doc tore an artery while he was in the ankle fixing the ligaments. I started the stack Dylan laid out as soon as I got home from the hospital. I was ordered no exercise for last 13 weeks all while on the SARMs. My experience on the SARMs was very good, with the only side effect being some shoulder/back acne from the LGD. I definitely noticed that I retained almost all the muscle I had before the time off, and now that I'm back to training I don't think I lost much strength either. I got back on the jiu jitsu mat for the fist time last night and the ankle felt really good. My wound Doctor was amazed by my healing progress each week and I attribute that to the SARMs. I recommend the healing stack to anyone wanting to recovery quickly from injury. I plan to continue using the mk677 through my PCT and time off and then run a recomp stack to help lose the fat I put on while sitting around for 3 months, got to be careful with the crazy appetite the mk677 brings on.

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absolutely awesome brother... im so happy to hear how things have gone for you... i have a lot of respect of your willingness to never give up and get right back out to things as soon as you were healed and ready.. much respect and thanks for the feedback!