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Test, anadrol, tri-tren cycle question


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What?s up guys , this will be my 5th blast i have actually been cruising since the age of 32. Current stats.

Cruise consist of 175mg test

Weight 175
Height 5?8
B/f 10%

Current blast being ran for 12 weeks

Test sust. 200mg weekly (m/thu injections) for entire blast . My body responds better
To lower test.

Anadrol 50 to100mg depending on sides daily For week 1-4.

Tri-tren 50mg daily week 1-8

Masteron enanthate week 1-12 400mg weekly (m/thu injections)

Winstrol 50mg week 8-12

Aromasin 12.5 EOD
Pramiprexole .5 EOD
Other types of liver supports

My main question is i am fairly lean my diet is on point i am using anadrol and i am getting big but leaned which was the look i was looking for. My question is i will be raising it to 100mg for the last 2 weeks and wondered if i should keep running the aromasin at 12.5 eod or maybe ED.

So far the Bloat has been minimum i do look super
Round and cut and lean even have abs.

Will 12.5ED do the job?

So far aromasin has been working perfect and have had no issues at all.

Thank you ! Any answer would be appreciated


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Anadrol is super potent as far as toxicity goes, I wouldn't up the dosage imo anyway, others might feel differently about it.


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as far as aromasin goes, that is something you will have to determine through bloodwork... aromasin wont have any effect on anadrol anyway... anadrol does not convert to estrogen so the estrogenic side effects it have cannot be helped by an ai... most will use nolvadex or raloxifene for it... i prefer ralox with anadrol but thats up to you


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Thank you kindly for your response Dylan.

Question , as of Nolvadex i have on hand but my main question here is i am running trenbolone as well. I do have prami as well , my main question is as you stated on your YouTube video, wouldn?t nolvadex cause
My prolactin to raise, if so will adding prami the day is taken at night will it help counteract this if this was 100% accurate ? Wouldn?t prami do it?s job even if nolvadex aggravates it?


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there's always exceptions out there so you can certainly try it but i do not see prami doing anything for you with anadrol... nolva may not be the best move if you are using tren... raloxifene is your other option that could help ...


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At that test dose and being lean, I doubt you would even need aromasin. I would just watch how you are looking and feeling. Definitely have it on hand though.